U23 2012 Season Gets Underway

The RNRU U23 commenced their 2012 season last weekend with a 2 day training camp conducted at HMS Sultan. The purpose being the chance for new players to understand the level and commitment required to represent the Royal Navy at U23 level.

Unfortunately, the projected numbers did not quite meet the target figures, however the training weekend still progressed under the watchful eyes of the coaching staff.

The weekend was very productive and gave an opportunity for players to be introduced to the Royal Navy playing style.

The TSG for the 2012 season are:

    • Chairman - Lt Cdr (Phil) England RN
    • Head Coach - Capt (Scott) Ashley RM
    • Forwards Coach - PO (Kai) Blackett
    • Back Coach - WO1 (Billy) May
    • Assistant Manager - WO2 (Taff) Wilcock
    • Physio - Ms Amy Eastmond
    • Players Mentor - AB (Ian) Cooper

The following players are requested to contact either:

Capt Scott Ashley RM - Mob: 07977414722
E-mail: canoescott@hotmail.co.uk

WO2 Taff Wilcock Mob 07711854493
E-Mail: andrewj.wilcock@ntlworld.com

To confirm their availability for the 2012 season

Aindow T AB CIS Lewis S S/Lt
Arndell K ET (ME) Lewis A AB
Baker S ET(WE) Marsh H Mne
Baker P   McDonald   AB
Barnashone E NA (AH) McGlade RN Mne
Barnett J Mne McShane SBS Mne
Barton C ET WE (SM) Melane   ET(WE)
Barton ST Mne Moran DP Mne
Bath J Mne Nankervis W Mne
Bird G Mne Narey LS ET (ME)
Birkett   ETME Newbon G LH
Blake J Mne Paterson CJ AB
Borthwick S Mne Peacock A ETME(SM)
Bradshaw T AB(SEA) Pearson JS Mne
Brett JE Mne Peebles GW Mne
Brown J   Perkins CLG Mne
Brunning R AET Plant TR Mne
Bulbeck J Mne Quant M AB
Burge R Mne Redmile AC Mne
Chamley BC Mne Reed D Mne
Champion R AET Richards T NA(SE)
Clark B AET Richardson T NA SE
Clifford B Mne Sanson W Mne
Cooper GE Mne Savage J AB
Cousins C AB CIS Sexton L ET(WE)
Darcy AT   Sharp M Mne
Davies L Luke Shaw M Mne
Davies C AB Shaw BT Mne
Easter RP Mne Shipston R Mne
Elliott L Mne Smith J Mne
Fowler P ET (ME) Smith J AET
Fox TD Mne Stewart N AB
Galloway CG Mne Talemasimaiveya T ET
Gledhill KG   Taylor DO Mne
Golden D LH Thomas H Mne
Gornall A Mne Thomas   ET (WE)
Graham AT Mne Thompson M AB
Hamilton R ET (ME) Toogood CJ Mne
Harding MP Mne Trainer DJ Mne
Harper J AET Walker   ET (ME)
Henderson JN Mne Wallis C AB
Holmes A AB Welch MJ ETME
Horton   AET White S Mne
Hudd O ET ME (SM) Wilson J AET
Johnson D Mid Wood B AB(D)
Johnson   AB Woods D ET ME
Johnstone EM AB Wraith L Midshipman
Jones M ET (ME) Wright J Mne
Jones J ET (ME) Wright JB Mne
Jones   AB Wyness BJ Mne

Any player who believes they are at the right standard for the RNRU U23s and wishes to represent the Royal Navy should contact the Assistant Manager.