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The RNRURS is an integral part of the Royal Navy Rugby Union and also of the UK Armed Forces Rugby Referees Federation. It exists to foster the development of match officials in the Royal Navy and provide them opportunities to develop and realise their full potential. To facilitate this, the RNRURS works closely with the UKAFRR to ensure that all policy matters are able to be benefited by its members be they sea, shore or overseas based.  The RNRURS provides Area Secretaries based in Portsmouth,  Plymouth and Faslane commensurate with the RNRU Eastern, Western and Northern region structure.  The primary objective of the Area Secretaries together with the Senior Appointer (for the more senior appointments pan UK)  is to appoint the right referees to the right games.  However the RNRURS Training and Development Officer keeps a watching brief over all members to ensure that their development is not neglected.

The RNRURS is part of the RNRU Constituent Body.  It is in this forum that it advises the RNRU on all refereeing matters.  It provides refereeing support to all of the RN representative sides or indeed any club site that may wish to utilise the services of a referee in the training / coaching environment. In conjunction with the RNRU's Rugby Development Officer and Director of Rugby, the Society ensures that all coaching courses, all development initiatives and all training for Naval Physical Training Instructors receive a refereeing input.

Like most organisations the Society is indebted to a number of people who give that most precious commodity - their time. It is through their efforts that the Society continues to thrive and provide the environment to support refereeing in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. The Society is also indebted to the support provided by the RNRU and its committee, the RFU through its refereeing department and of course its sponsor QinetiQ. It is through QinetiQ’s generosity that the Society has the finance to put its ideas and plans into practice.



Cdr Duncan McClement


WO1 Geoff Howells

Training & Development

WO1 Gaz Fairbairn


Lt Jane Pizii

RN Senior Appointments

Cdr Duncan McClement

Northern Region

Cdr Duncan McClement

Eastern Region

PO Stu Collins

Western Region

WO1 Dave Prentice


Lt Cal Shenton


WO2 Wolfie Power

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Hon Sec Geoff Howells

Book A Ref

How to request a Service Referee?

Listed below are the nominated contacts for booking a referee:

Royal Navy Senior Appointments (L6 & 7)

Cdr Duncan McClement

Tel: 01436 674 321 ext 7514
Mil: 93255 7514
Mob: 07891 207644

Service Area Secretaries (L8 and below)


Eastern Region
(Including Hampshire/Dorset)

PO Stu Collins

Mob: 07792 397376
Mil: 01329 333664

Northern Region
(Including Scotland)

Cdr Duncan McClement

Tel: 01436 674321 Ext 7514
Mil: 93255 7514
Mob: 07891 207644
Civ:    Mil:

Western Region
(Including Devon/Cornwall)

WO2 Dave Prentice

Civ: 01980 845363
Mil: 01392 414306
Mob: 07974 674434


The RNRURS runs foundation level referee courses each season. This is the entry level course into refereeing and is sponsored by the Rugby Football Union. The course is run by the RNRURS Training Officer and is open to all servicemen and indeed civilians. Details of the next course can be obtained by e-mailing the Society Training Officer Gaz Fairbairn (

The Development and Society Advisor Courses are controlled at UKAFRR level, all enquiries are to be directed to the RNRURS Society Training Officer.

Potential referees can also apply to join Foundation Courses run by either the Army or the RAF; again details are available from the Secretary or Training Officer.

Admiral Royds Trophy

Referee of the Year

The Admiral Royds Trophy is awarded to the RNRURS Referee of the Year. It was presented to the Society by Lt Cdr G Ashton Jones RN, a former Chairman of the Society as thanks for all the support given over a most memorable refereeing career. It was first presented in 2007 and replaced the previous shield which unfortunately no longer had any more room for winners’ names.  Admiral Royds was a former England international and President of the RFU who had a distinguished refereeing career with the London Society. He wrote the History of the Laws of the Game an original copy of which forms part of the trophy.

2015 - 2016 Duncan McClement
2014 - 2015 Steve Woolley
2013 - 2014 Duncan McClement
2012 - 2013 Duncan McClement
2011 - 2012 Ian Seaton
2010 - 2011 Jane Pizii
2009 - 2010 G Fairbairn
2008 - 2009 G Howells
2007 - 2008 A Coles
2006 - 2007 R Baileff
2005 - 2006 G Fairburn
2004 - 2005 S Kilby
2003 - 2004 S Harland
2002 - 2003 S Clark
2001 - 2002 J Large
2000 - 2001 P Burton
1999 - 2000 T Bailey
1998 - 1999 R Talbot
1997 - 1998 J T Betteridge
A Boyle
1996 - 1997 P Stinchcombe


Referee Newcomer of the Year

The referee newcomer of the year award was first presented in 2004. It is awarded to the referee who has made the biggest impact to the Society in the earliest stages of their refereeing career.

2015 - 2016 D Martin
2014 - 2015 S Priestley
2013 - 2014 M Turfrey
2012 - 2013 D Prentice
2011 - 2012 S Overvoorde
2010 - 2011  D Doull
2009 - 2010 E Ward
2008 - 2009 W Power
2007 - 2008 M Kiernan
2006 - 2007 D McClement
2005 - 2006 G Holmes
2004 - 2005 A Coles
2003 - 2004 R Wheelan


Referee Colours

The Royal Navy Rugby Union Referees' Society awards "colours" to their members who represent the RNRU and the Society as either a referee or touch judge at the Senior Army v Royal Air Force Inter Service match. The colours are represented by the RN silver tie defaced with the word "Referee". The year denotes the year that colours were awarded. Unfortunately complete records are not held. The Secretary of the RNRURS would welcome any updated information from former Society Members.

2015 D McClement
2014 I Seaton
2013 S Woolley
2011 G Howells 
2011 G Fairbairn
2009 T Bailey
2008 A Coles
2007 R Wheelan
2006 S Kilby
2005 T Bailey
2004 J Large
2003 P Burton
2003 R Baileff
2002 A Watts
2001 A Denham
2000 N Slocombe
1999 S Harland
1993 A Gribbon
1991 G Ashton Jones
1989 M Hawthorn
1988 C Thomas
1984 K Dobson
1982 R Parker
1976 D Rowland


Other Awards

Combined Services Referee / Match Official of the Year

2011 - 2012 S Aldridge
2009 - 2010 P Burton
2008 - 2009 T Bailey
2006 - 2007 R Baileff
2004 - 2005 S Harland
2000 - 2001 G Ashton Jones


Combined Services Sports Control Board Official of the Year

2004 G Ashton Jones


Royal Navy Sports Control Board Official of the Year

2004 G Ashton Jones

Scottish Referee of the Year 2015/2016

                                                                       Cdr Duncan McClement


Referee Discipline

Guidance To RN Referees On Submitting Discipline and Match Official Abuse Forms.

Red Card Action

IMPORTANT NOTICE Provisional Suspension – Letter to Referees August 2013

When dismissing a player, note the following:

  1. name

  2. official number

  3. The time of the dismissal

  4. The score at the time

  5. The nature of his offence.

  • Immediately after leaving the pitch make detailed notes of the incident and establish the name of the player.

  • Telephone the society secretary and relevant appointer for immediate advice on completion of the match (same day for afternoon games and either same evening or following morning for evening games).

  • As soon as possible, and certainly within 48 hours, complete a Society Sending Off Report . The latest version may be found at Note: Do NOT use the submit button in the document

  • Email the completed Report to the RNRURS Hon Sec ( (using the Word version), who will forward the document to the relevant Constituent Body.


  • If you are subject to abuse, do not react abusively or take any threatening action yourself. Try to identify the individual(s) concerned and note their names at the time. If possible, warn the individuals that you will be reporting their behaviour (this would not be appropriate if it were crowd abuse being reported, where it would be better to inform the club of the action you will be taking).

  • Make detailed notes immediately after the game.

  • Contact the Hon Sec or another member of the committee.

  • As soon as possible complete a Society Match Official Abuse Report. The latest version may be found at and submit it via the Hon Sec. Note: Do NOT use the submit button in the document

Abandoning a Match

  • If you have to abandon a match on disciplinary grounds, you have in fact dismissed both sides and will need to submit a Society Sending Off Report. The latest version may be found at Note: Do NOT use the submit button in the document

  • Contact the Hon Sec if you need advice (details at the top of the page)


RNRURS New member personal details form

RNRURS Standing Order Form