Rugby Development Committee

Combining the administration of all aspects of Community Rugby under a Rugby Development Committee (RDC) provides a forum that brings together and harnesses the objective driven output of Community Rugby in the Naval Service. Managing these outputs through a Community Rugby Plan further provides a clear indication of the RNRU's commitment to delivering those elements of the RFU Impact Strategy that are within its scope, in terms of quality, quantity and timeliness. Membership of the RDC comprises the following or, where marked *, their delegated representative:

Director of Community Rugby (Chairman of committee)
RNRU Rugby Development Officer (RDO)
Women's Rugby (Community Area)
Referees Society Rep*
Royal Navy East – WOPT East*
Royal Navy North – WOPT North*
Royal Navy West – WOPT West*
Secretary Naval Air Command Rugby
Secretary Royal Marines Rugby
Community Rugby Coach – Eastern Region
Community Rugby Coach – Western Region