Value the Volunteer

RNRU Valuing the Volunteer

The Royal Navy Rugby Union proudly presents annual awards to members who make an outstanding contribution to the Union or one of its Clubs; on or off the field. It's our small way of saying a big thank you for all the efforts people voluntarily put in, week in, week out. Without them the RNRU and its clubs wouldn't be the fantastic organisation that it is. The Valuing the Volunteer scheme is similar to the RFU Presidential scheme in that it exists to acknowledge the huge amount of work that takes place behind the scenes to ensure that rugby gets played at all levels.

2023 LPT Sophie Goodright Community Rugby
2023 LAET Sam Carter Community Rugby
2023 Sgt Ben Felgate Community Rugby
2023 LS Jerrad Hulm Representative Rugby (Photography)
2023 POPT Luke Warrington Community Rugby
2021 Cdr Dave Mealing (Rtd) Referees
2021 POPT Dave Hemming Representative Rugby (RN Sharks)
2021 CSgt Marus Stevens Royal Marines Rugby
2021 LPT Ben Priddey Representative (U23s) & Unit Rugby
2021 WO1 Paul Todd Representative (Women) DSRFC Youth, Unit Rugby & Western Region
2021 Lt Ritchie England Royal Marines Rugby
2020 Lt Cdr Aidan Riley Representative Rugby (U23s)
2020 SLt Lauren Salisbury Representative Rugby (Senior Women and U23s)
2020 LPT Scott Jordan Community Rugby (HMS Heron)
2020 Mr Marcus Drabble United Services Portsmouth (U15 Head Coach)
2019 Maj Scott Ashley MBE                   Representative Rugby
2019 Lt Cdr Tom Coates                          Marketing
2019 Lt Cdr Jamie Campbell Baldwin   Communications
2019 CPO Lorraine Osman                      Community and Representative Rugby
2019 CPO Rob Jones Representative Rugby
2019 Mr John Walton                              Communications
2019 LH Jake Lundon Community Rugby (HMS Collingwood)
2018 Keiren Leach Devonport Services RFC
2018 Chloe Leach Devonport Services RFC
2018 CPO Philip White                            Community Rugby (Western Region/HMNB Portsmouth)
2018 POPT Kern                          Community Rugby (Western Region)
2018 WO Paul “George” Hillan              Community and Representative Rugby
2018 Lt Sean Hammond                           Community Rugby (Western Region/BRNC)
2018 PO Guy Pallett                                 Representative Rugby and Communications
2017 Cdr Des Donworth                          United Services Portsmouth
2017 Mrs Liz Drabble                                United Services Portsmouth
2017 LPT Dean Fentum                            Community Rugby
2016 POPT Sam Sims  Communications and Western Region
2016 LS (CIS) Nathan Moore Sharks
2016 Elaine Lindsey United Services Portsmouth RFC - Youth Section
2016 Michael Davis-Marks United Services Portsmouth RFC - Youth Section
2014 Gaz Fairbairn Referees
2014 M Brown President's XV and Naval Air Command
2014 M Davis United Services Portsmouth RFC
2014 J Holbrook Untied Services Portsmouth RFC
2014 K Leach Devonport Services RFC
2013 Andrew Wilcock Senior & U23 Rugby
2013 I Cooper U23 Rugby
2013 David Wakefield Representative and Community Rugby
2012 E Williams Royal Marine Rugby
2012 K Stanton Royal Marine Rugby
2011 Kai Blackett Community Rugby
2011 Si Aldridge Community Rugby & Referees
2010 Not Awarded
2009 Not Awarded
2008 M Hallam Women's Rugby
2008 A Smith Women's Rugby
2008 John White Senior & U23 Rugby
2007 Tim Bailey Referees
2007 P Bennett-Smith Women's Rugby
2007 S Cole Senior, Vets & Youth Rugby
2007 G Mathews Royal Marine Rugby
2007 H McClement Women's & Youth Rugby
2007 C Roberts Vets & NAC Rugby
2007 D Shaw Sharks & Command Rugby
2007 N Wilkin NAC Rugby

RFU Value the Volunteer Award

2019 Captain Mike Burningham (Retd)  Director of Marketing
2018 Commander Chris Roberts  Special Projects Officer
2017 Lieutenant Jane West  RN (Women) Team Manager