Community Rugby

Community Rugby

Put simply, all non-representative rugby played under the auspices of the RNRU is the embodiment of Community Rugby in the Naval Service. It includes the Inverdale Challenge (Regional), Navy Cup, 10's and Sevens Knock-Out competitions, as well as the Regional League and Cup competitions and all other independently arranged fixtures undertaken at unit level (and below).

As a Constituent Body (CB) of the RFU, it is essential that the RNRU's embodiment of the spirit of grass roots rugby provide the opportunities, challenges, and tests that will aid the development of players, coaches, and referees alike. We believe, therefore, in the importance of administering Community Rugby to a plan so as to sustain a programme of development for all.

The RNRU employs two Community Rugby Coaches (CRC’s) to play an active role in supporting Unit PT Staff and rugby Club Officials. With a particular focus on working with 18-24 year olds, existing and new players working to develop their engagement with the game. The CRC role within the community game is to:-

  • Building strong relationships with Unit and local rugby clubs.

  • Strengthen Unit capacity and performance through the delivery of high quality coaching with targeted groups of players.

  • Through the provision of mentoring/support to voluntary club coaches and by identifying and training potential coaches.

At the Regional level, RN&RM rugby is administered by the 3 Regional Officers (Regional Warrant Officers), the Naval Air Command and Royal Marines' sports organisations. It is within these 5 Regional areas that local competitions such as the Regional Cup and Leagues, Bambara Cup and Argyll Bowl are operated and completed for.

Representative rugby is deemed to embrace the RN 1st XV, Under 23’s, Women, and Mariners (Veterans) XVs and the RN Sevens squad. Naval Service is the collective title for all of the men and women of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Community Rugby Contacts

RN Rugby Development Officer
WO1PT Paul (Sweeney) Todd

The Community Rugby Plan

Our effective Community Rugby Plan is the cornerstone of the CRC's activities. It is both integral to and supportive of the RNRU and RFU Strategic Plans and is used to establish targets for the development of players, referees and coaches, and subsequently manage their delivery. It also provides a vehicle for the management of wider RNRU commitment to the RFU IMPACT Strategy and monitor regional contributions to RNRU output, which in turn can be used as a vehicle for securing and distributing Community Rugby funding within the RNRU.