Community Competitions

RNRU Inverdale Challenge Trophy

This season’s Inverdale Challenge Trophy will be competed for between October 22 - January 23, in accordance with the Royal Navy Rugby Union structured season.

The aim of the Inverdale Challenge is to provide a competitive competition at a Regional level exposing players to a higher standard of rugby than Unit standard, thus creating a players playing pathway. This will also provide an opportunity for representative team management to look at players in a competitive environment for possible representative teams.


A Regional team competing in the Inverdale Challenge is not permitted to select more than 8 capped players (Senior XV Only). Should a capped player not be involved in a Service Capped fixture for 1 consecutive season, then he would become eligible again for selection in the Inverdale Challenge. Player eligibility for Regional/Corp teams is as follows:

  • Royal Marines. The Royal Marines team comprises all Royal Marines personnel ashore and afloat assigned/appointed to Royal Marine units.
  • Fleet Air Arm. Team comprises all personnel, including all those on the trained strength of the Fleet Air Arm who are assigned or appointed to an Air Station or associated Unit/Air Station. Fleet Air Arm personnel (trained strength) assigned or appointed to AESD (HMS SULTAN) are also included. General/Submarine Service personnel appointed to an Air Station can only play for their respective geographical Naval Base. For example; General Service at RNAS Culdrose plays for RN West, General Service at RNAS Yeovilton plays for RN East.
  • Portsmouth, Plymouth, Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland.  All RN personnel shall compete for the Region within whose geographical limits their Establishments are situated. In the event of either Plymouth or Scotland encountering difficulties in raising competitive teams, a combined team will be formed. The final decision on this matter will be made by the Rugby Development Officer taking into account the recommendation of the Regional Warrant Officers.
  • Fleet. Fleet personnel are eligible to compete for the geographical region in which they are based.
  • Second Claim.  Players not selected as a first claim for their respective Region/Corp can, subject to prior mutual agreement by the Rugby Development Officer and appropriate Team Management, play as a second claim for the Region/Corp within whose geographical area they are situated as detailed in BR 3 Chap 24 Article 2412 d(1).  Other players not required by their first claim Region can, subject to prior agreement, be claimed by any other Region. Players so claimed must not compete, in that competition, for other Regions.

Navy Cup Competition 2022/23 - A New Format

The Navy Cup is the Unions prestigious competition providing a fantastic opportunity for all players of varying abilities to play competitive games. The start of a new season sees a new format to this respected competition.

Following the recent RN Transformation and with the current Operational Tempo of today’s RN. The Community Structured model has been altered to reflect a need to facilitate more playing opportunities throughout the Community season. It is hoped this new structure will allow a greater flexibility for returning and deploying frontline Ships or Units.

This season will see the Navy Cup Competition duration extended to run from 5 Oct 22 to 1 Mar 23. The intention with this extended duration will allow and encourage more playing opportunity. In addition to this extended competition, the format has also changed to a League structure accepting entries throughout thecompetition period.

It is hoped that this change of format will allow deployed Units departing/returning halfway through the season, the opportunity to enter. Teams will be invited to compete against other RN/RM teams within the league, with the emphasis on ‘more games mean more points’ which will result in a higher placing within the league. The competition will conclude in a final’s day with the top 4 teams.

Dependant on the number of entries, opportunities may arise to compete for other titles within this competition: such as highest placed Regional Ship or Unit.

Entries are invited from all RN and RM Units to take part andentries are welcomed throughout the duration of the competition. For more information contact;-

Rugby Development Officer
WO1PT Paul (Sweeney) Todd

RNRU 7’s Competition

The RNRU 7’s competition is a free-flowing game based on pace and power over the course of its short matches. The shortness of games (7 minutes each way, 1 minute half time) enables plenty of matches to be played during the competition which is completed over a day. The game has grown in popularity within the community and is programmed this season for Wed 8 June 22.

For additional information, the 7’s game has had a presence at Commonwealth Games since 1998 and has now been granted full Olympic status making its debut in the 2016 Olympics. Also, there are several big International competitions including World Rugby 7’s World Series and the Rugby World Cup 7’s.

RNRU Beach Rugby Festival

What rugby enthusiast could turn down the suggestion of sun, sea, sand and rugby? The festival this year will be hosted on Weymouth Beach, Dorset on 13 July 22. This competition is a new community initiative and forms part of the RNRU Rugby World Cup 2015 Legacy programme. Beach Rugby is a unique form of contact rugby played on sand.

The field of play is between 30-50 meters long, 20-35 meters, wide, and the in-goals are 3-7 meters deep. There are no goalposts on the pitch, and lines are marked with some sort of tape or rope. Teams for this festival comprise of 10 players, 5 players on the pitch at any one time. Games consist of two periods of 4 minutes each with a 1 minute interval.

For the Women; a Tag Rugby competition in the format of a ‘Pitch up and Play’. This competition is designed as an introduction to the game of rugby. Women are invited to turn up and play or if numbers permit enter as a team from a Unit (maximum of 10 players). A fun coaching session will take place prior to the competition commencing.