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Aims & Objectives

The RNRU is committed to enhancing the development and ability of coaches of all levels within the Royal Navy. Within a formal coaching structure we aim to provide effective coaches for all Representative, Regional, Establishment and Unit sides. Our coaches are the key to the re-generation and development of Navy Rugby.

The development of coaches is seen as a key strategic aim of Navy Rugby to ensure the future health and vitality of the Union both in terms of quality and quantity of players. There are a wealth of coaching resources available to coaches some of which can be directly accessed through the RNRU Links page.

How to become a coach

Why coach?  - Coaching Rugby Union is a rewarding and challenging way to spend your time. It is a great way of staying involved in the sport and helping to nurture the next generation of players. High quality coaching is central to recruiting and retaining players and developing the rugby skills and understanding of players at all levels.

Getting started - As a new coach, you are advised to undertake one of the foundation courses such as the Rugby Leaders Award, Start Coaching Tag Rugby or the World Rugby (IRB) Rugby Ready programme. Once completed, progress to selecting either Coaching Children Rugby Union - UKCC Level 1 or The RFU Certificate in Coaching Rugby Union - UKCC Level 2 which are both qualifications on the pathway illustrated below.



All Rugby Union coaching courses help develop a greater understanding of the five key components:

  • Coaching Skills – how to get the best out of players

  • Technical – teaching the skills required to play

  • Tactical – instilling an understanding of the game

  • Psychological – assisting players to be mentally prepared for rugby

  • Physical & Lifestyle – assisting players to be physically prepared for rugby

Coaching Children Rugby Union - UKCC Level 1

The next stage on the evolutionary journey has been identified by the emerging Player & Coach Development Models. These clearly recognise the ever changing needs of players as they grow and develop and the specific skills of the coach required to meeting those needs. The UKCC Level 1 course provides coaches with the knowledge, skills and attributes essential in developing childrens' social, personal, physical and mental skills in conjunction with the technical and tactical aspects of the game of Rugby Union.

In order to develop confident, competent, decision-making players it is necessary to develop confident, competent, decision-making people. This goes beyond rugby and requires knowledge other than technical and tactical. The emphasis will be on Coaching Children, rather than just Coaching Rugby Union. This course will cover a number of important areas associated with child development, including developing fundamental movement skills and developing the 5 C's –

  • Competence

  • Confidence

  • Creativity

  • Character

  • Connection (Teamwork)

The RFU Certificate in Coaching Rugby Union - UKCC Level 2

Coaches working in the Youth and Adult game (U13 upwards) will be expected to attend a new qualification; The RFU Certificate in Coaching Rugby Union - UKCC Level 2. This course, as with the children's course, will reflect the environment the coach practices in i.e. the 15 a side game.

Whilst there will still be an emphasis on the knowledge, skills and attributes of the coach and how they utilise both coaching process and session delivery methods, greater attention will be given to the application of the principles of play, the tactical aspects of defence and attack as well as the use of key factors in building and playing from set piece.  

The course is an entry level course for a coach working in the 15 a side game. Prerequisites agreed by the UK Source Group are:

- As current process - Level 1 plus appropriate CPD

- Coaching in the 15 a side game


- Coaching in the 15 a side game

- Attended Scrum Factory

- Attended Rugby Ready

At the point of application coaches will be required to confirm that they are coaching the 15 a side game and supply their previous coaching and playing experiences.

Click here for a list of Rugby Coaching and Officiating Courses 2018

RFU Coach Licence Scheme

All coaches who attend and achieve either a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 qualification will be granted a coach licence – subject to a satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and their agreement to comply with the Coach Licence Terms and Conditions. Existing qualified coaches are invited to apply, free of charge, for a coach licence provided they meet the licence requirements.

The licence will last for a maximum of three years from the award date, or until the CRB check expires, when a coach will be required to reapply for the licence.

All coaches will be registered on the GMS database and their attendance and involvement in CPD courses will be tracked through the system. Licensed coaches will receive their own personalised Coach Licence Card which will give them access to a range of benefits.

For further information please visit:

Continuous Personal Development (CPD)

Continuous Personal Development (CPD) exists in almost every occupation. In simple terms, it helps to maintain a currency of knowledge and skills. Traditionally, the route for development of a coach was through attendance at a qualification or award course. These courses will continue, and will form the basis of assessment of a coach against a set of national competencies. This is often termed ‘vertical coach development'. However, some coaches may not be suitable or have the inclination to attend the next level of qualification. Therefore, to help a coach to continue to develop the RFU will produce a range of (CPD) courses.

Coaching is defined as "The guided improvement, led by a coach, of sports participants in a single sport and at identifiable stages of the participant pathway". In terms of Rugby Union, a coach will be defined as, "anyone responsible for, leading or facilitating the optimum improvement of a rugby participant at any stage of their development".

The design of a long term coach development model will help to meet the needs of the coaches (technical, tactical, physical, psychological and lifestyle knowledge, plus coaching skills) relative to their coaching role and level of expertise. This means that even if a coach wishes to remain at UKCC Level 1 or UKCC Level 2, they can still continue to develop their coaching knowledge and skills. This is often termed ‘horizontal coach development'.

What's involved.........most CPD courses last no longer than 3 hours. Courses are a mixture of theory and practical.

Why do them.............they can introduce the coach to new concepts and ideas, they can reinforce what the coach is already doing, helping build confidence, they bring coaches together to share problems and identify solutions.

CPD Courses Currently Available

  • The Lineout Game

  • Maul and Ruck

  • Continuity in Attack

  • Defence in Phase Play

  • Coaching Children in Rugby Union  

  • Performance Profiling

  • Goal Setting  

  • Back Play from Set Pieces

  • Game Planning

  • Performance Analysis  

  • Planning and Periodisation  

  • Team Selection

  • At a glance CPD Course  

  • Understanding the Kicking Game  

  • Half Back Play

  • The Scrum Factory