Royal Navy Rugby Union Patrons

The RNRU Patrons Club is open to all with a love of Navy Rugby.  We have the joint aims of raising money for Navy Rugby, and offering valuable cash prizes.  The cost to you is only £5 a month for a chance to share a prize fund of almost £3,000 per annum.

Prizes are drawn twice annually and are as follows:

  1. Special Prize (decided by RNRU) 

  2. Cash prize of £500

  3. Two cash prizes of £250 each

  4. Six cash prizes of £50 each

The prize draws will take place in June and December.  Once prize money has been allocated there will hopefully be a significant contribution to the RNRU.  Prize money will be reviewed annually in June and will depend on the numbers of members to the Patrons Club.

Other advantages of becoming a RNRU Patron:

  1. Ballots for an allocation of tickets for matches and events at Twickenham

  2. A Unique Patrons tie

  3. Ability to apply for use of 2 Seasons tickets for home matches for:

  • Bath RFC

  • Harlequins RFC

  • Exeter Chiefs RFC

The RNRU Patrons accounts will be subject to monthly audit.  The RNRU reserves the right to apply for an upper limit on membership.


The aims of Navy Rugby are exciting and achievable.  However, we cannot expect that sponsorship and public funds alone can meet our aspirations for the team and the game in the Royal Navy.

*PLEASE NOTE that membership is currently at maximum capacity - as soon as places become available we will provide a link to the application form via this page.

To cancel your membership, please contact Assistant Secretary RNRU via email:

December 2017 Draw Winners

The Royal Navy Rugby Union Patrons Draw winners for Dec 2017:

Jeanette McNaughton – Special Prize draw
Mr Paul Gorringe - £500
Mrs Lucy Ottley - £250
Mr Colin English - £250
Mr Geoff Kendall - £50
Mr Stephen Braham - £50
Mr John Hughes - £50
Mr Brian Perowne - £50
Mr Robert Hart - £50
Mr David Welch - £50

All winners have been notified.