Trojan performance by Navy Women

The Royal Navy Women played their final fixture before the start of the Inter Services against the well-established Trojans side on Wednesday. Officer Cadet Julianna Straker (BRNC Dartmouth), playing at full back, kicked off for the Royal Navy.  Early pressure from Trojans saw a penalty and lineout in their favour but, despite being camped in the Navy half, they were unable to covert territory into points. The Navy defence was resolute and closed down the attacking side to deny them scoring opportunities. Good clearances under pressure by the Navy back line kept wave after wave of attacks at bay.

After almost 30 minutes of play the weather conditions deteriorated and a heavy shower of rain and sleet fell on an already cold evening.  As the weather subsided, the referee warned players for being offside, and emphasised that repeated offences would result in 10 minutes in the sin bin. The next Navy player to transgress was duly shown the yellow card. A period of end-to-end rugby ensued, with some successful breaks by the Navy, before Trojans gained possession and took the RN back towards their 22.  The Navy defence remained strong once again and despite being down by one player, there was no score going into half-time.

Following an injury to a Navy prop, the second half saw a change of player positions. Trojans, taking advantage of the changes, maintained the assault and were awarded with a try between the posts after 5 minutes of the second half (converted). This was to be the only score of the match.

The Navy Women put in a very encouraging performance against an experienced and established side that had put 20 points past the RAF Women only 2 weeks earlier. This was also a good opportunity for Navy Coach Lt Sam Cuff (RNAS Culdrose) to look at different options and give more players valuable game time.

The RN now have a few days rest over the Easter weekend prior to meeting up again ready to commence their training before the Inter Services Competition.  The first IS fixture sees them host the RAF Women at Burnaby Road on Saturday 10th April, kick-off at 1600.

RN Women:  AB(CIS) Sarah Simms(HMS Ark Royal), Lt Vics Percival RN (UCL, London) (Capt), LLOGS Abbie Moyse (HMS Manchester), MID Beckie Chapman (BRNC Dartmouth), SLt Gail Hodgkinson RN (BRNC Dartmouth), LETWE Colleen Dunne (HMS Collingwood), AB(HM) Rachel Mifsud (HMS Echo), NA(AC) Nicky Dent (RNAS Yeovilton), Lt Kirsty Forward RN (SK IPT), LETWE Sarah Jenkins (HMS Richmond), ETME Lavinia Vakuruivalu (HMS Cumberland), SLt Helen Leach RN (849 NAS, RNAS Culdrose), LPT Lou Clarke (HMS Collingwood), ETME Erin Marner (HMS Ark Royal), OC Julianna Straker (BRNC Dartmouth). Rep: LS(AWT) Emma Swinton (HMS Liverpool).