Royal Navy v Royal New Zealand Navy CNRC 2012

The Royal Navy Senior XV starts the defence of the Commonwealth Cup 2012 on Sun 7 Oct with a difficult fixture against the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN). RNZN have already dispatched the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) by a score of 13-41, sending a clear message of their intention to wrestle the Cup from the present holders the Royal Navy.

The fixture between the Kiwi's and the Royal Navy has always been a close fought affair with the RNRU holding the upper hand on results during the last 5 meetings (4 -1).

DoR Cdr (Andy) Kellett RN said of the selection ‘It was always going to be difficult call when selecting from a pool of very talented players'. He went on to say ‘We have selected a well-balanced starting 15 and a bench that is loaded with impact players, this should lead to a very exciting game on Sunday'

The last time some of the players who are starting today met the Kiwis was in 2009 in Plymouth as part of the RNRU Presidents Select XV. Almost 3 years to the day Mne (Josh) Terry (RM Poole) will be anchor the scrum, as he did then with CPO (Ewan) Cowie (HMS Sultan). Josh also won the Man of the Match award for his performance that day. Whilst CPO (‘Sumo') Thompson (HMS Sultan) will hope to get an opportunity to reacquaint himself with the Kiwi's if he comes off the bench.


                           Josh Terry                                                                 Ewan Cowie

The Kiwi's will remember the 2009 game for the strong running of Sgt (Gaz) Evans (HMS President), the lineout work and open field running ability of POAET (Marsh) Cormack (RNAS Culdrose) and an U23 at the time and now an established Senior XV player ET(ME) (Dale) Sleeman (HMS Ocean). Added to this trio of Navy Rugby stalwarts is scrum half and Capt POAET (Dave) Pascoe (RNAS Culdrose). Dave racked up 3 penalties in the 2009 16-10 victory for the RNRU.


                               Gaz Evans                                                            Marsh Cormack


Dale Sleeman                                                                Dave Pascoe

Royal Marines and brothers Sgt (Loz) Blackburn (RM Poole) and Mne (Josh) Blackburn (CTCRM) hope to follow-on from a successful RN Sharks and Corps season. Loz starts on the right wing and Josh will be eager to show the selectors his true potential, if he comes off of the bench.


                            Loz Blackburn                                                        Josh Blackburn

Head Coach CPO (Ash) Coates said of the squad ‘Bringing together a touring party is always going to be a voyage of discovery. We have some well-established Senior XV players and a good representation from the U23s and RN Sharks. Ash said of the training, ‘Over the past week they have become a ‘tight knit' group who work hard for each other, both on and off the field'


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Prop   Hooker   Prop

Mne J Terry
RM Poole
Lt E Gaught RN
HMS Somerset
CPO E Cowie*
RNAS Culdrose
  2nd Row   2nd Row  

  POAET M Cormack* RNAS Culdrose 



Capt S McLaren RM*
RAF Halton
No 6   No 8   No 7

Mne S Puleston
30 Cdo RM
Sgt G Evans*
HMS President
Mne S Raumakita*
42 Cdo RM
Scrum Half
POAET D Pascoe*
RNAS Culdrose
Fly Half
Mne N Huntley*
42 Cdo RM
  Centre   Centre  
ET(ME) D Sleeman*
HMS Ocean
AB(WS) T Davies  HMS Illustrious
Wing   Full Back   Wing

Mne G Welling
AET J Humphreys*
RNAS Yeovilton
Sgt L Blackburn
RM Poole
16 17 18 19 20

Capt C McArdle RM
HMS Ocean

AET K Beasley*
RNAS Culdrose

AB(WS) C Davies
HMS Somerset

CPO C Thompson
HMS Sultan

Cpl T Holliday
6 Ops Sqn RM
  21   22  
HMS Sultan
Mne J Blackburn

*Denotes Capped Player