The Royal Navy take on Premiership Club Bath RFC at the ‘The Rec' on Tues night 16 Apr, KO 7.30pm in there last game before facing the Army at Twickenham on Sat 27 Apr, KO 3pm.

The squad are in good spirits after the RAF game, despite losing Logs (SC) (Silvi) Buinimasi with a broken leg.

The DoR, Cdr Andy Kellett, is using the fixture as a final chance to see squad players vying for a place in the final Twickenham line up, commenting 'There are still final decisions to be made before the Army game, we have a very competitive squad this year and I have still to finalise, in my mind, a couple of areas in the starting line up and it will be a really good test, against a Premiership club, to see how some of the players perform at this level'.

He went on to give an update on 'B' Buinimasi, 'B had an operation over the weekend that went well and he is now recuperating before returning to his unit and starting his rehab later in the summer. B has been excellent throughout the season and the boys will miss his presence, both on the pitch and in the squad. However, he knows we have a strong squad and his disappointment opens the door for another player to seize an opportunity'.

RN Squad

1. POAET J Court * RNAS Culdrose
2. Sgt RM G Evans * ** RMR London
3. Mne J Terry * RM Poole
4. Capt RM S McLaren * NCHQ
5. AET J Lamsin * RNAS Culdrose
6. Cpl T Holliday 6 HQ Sqn RM
7. Lt RN H Mitchell-Heggs * HMS Vigilant
8. LET (WESM) I Cooper * (Capt) HMS Collingwood
9. LPT J Stephen * BRNC
10. AET J Humphrey * 845 NAS
11. Mne K Wood 42 Cdo RM
12. Mne M Tichias * 42 Cdo RM
13. ET (ME) S Davies HMS Drake
14. Mne G Welling * ** RM ASC
15. AB T Davies * HMS Illustrious

16. LA (AH) B Priddey * ** MASF
17. AB C Davies HMS Somerset
18. NA (AH) K Beasley * ** RNAS Culdrose
19. CPOAET S Thompson * HMS Sultan
20. POAET M Cormack* ** RNAS Culdrose
21. Mne J Marlin * ** 42 Cdo RM
22. LAET O James RNAS Yeovilton

23. Mne N Huntley * ** 30 Cdo IX Gp
24. Lt RN Ed Gaught HMS Somerset

* Royal Navy
** Combined Services