Royal Navy Rugby Development Officer


I'd like to formally introduce myself as the newly appointed Rugby Development Officer for the Royal Navy.

As a former Chief Physical Training Instructor I bring 23 years of career experience in the Development, Management and Delivery of Sport.

As the title implies, I will be responsible for increasing involvement at all levels of rugby looking at new and developing formats, with a strong focus on growth, enjoyment and participation at grassroots level.  For the last 3½ years I have been very fortunate in fulfilling this role as a serviceman and therefore, I believe I can continue to take Navy Rugby forward by:   

  • Continuing to support development of Rugby Union throughout the Service in application of the RNRU Strategy, 2SL's Personnel Functional Standards and the Physical Development policy.


  • Support and promote participation and enjoyment of rugby across the Naval Service both UK and Overseas.


  • Implement regional flood lit leagues engaging local teams (academy/development side) fostering the community link.


  • Leading work-plans towards Rugby World Cup 2015 and its legacy.


  • As a Constitute Body remain compliant to the RFU with regards to their Six Key Drivers and continue to support and promote their development initiatives.


  • Ignite, Sustain the Curiosity, Desire and Passion for Navy Rugby.


I consider the Initial key drivers are:

Player Development - Work with our clubs on recruiting and retaining players exposing them to the player pathway model.

Club Development - Strengthen our Clubs and grow the game in the communities around them by extending their horizons by thinking differently, identify their needs by knowing them and meet their desires.

Coach and Referee Development - In order to develop confident, competent, decision making players it is necessary to develop confident, competent, decision making people.

Volunteers - Continue to acknowledge our people and their diligent work they conduct behind the scenes.

Navy Rugby has a pedigree of rugby history, knowledge and connectivity and therefore all the above will be achieved by growing the commitment to work together.  All this will be supported by the newly appointed Community Rugby Coaches early in the summer term. Also, Navy Rugby is a tool that can be used in developing and building relationships within the local communities; whether around RN/RM Establishments or interaction by Ships/Units whilst deployed.

Ultimately, it's about developing, inspiring and retaining our players, coaches, referees, volunteers and supporters creating a vibrant and attractive game across the Royal Navy service for years to come.

Ady (Cherry) Cherrington
Royal Navy Rugby Development Officer