The 2013 Inter-Service Championship kicks off with the Royal Navy travelling to RAF Halton, the new home of RAF Rugby, on 10 April 2013. The RN Senior Team kicks off at 1430, after the RN Women and RN Mariners have taken on their counterparts. After a successful win against Marine Nationale last week the RN Senior XV is in confident mood but will be conscious that last year, in very poor weather conditions, the RAF pushed them all the way, before a narrow 13-6 win.

Head coach, POET (AE) Owen Salmon commented ‘It will be a very competitive game on Wednesday, the RAF will be keen to dominate on their home patch and I am expecting a physical encounter. We have prepared well since the MN game and I will be looking to match the level of intensity we played against the MN, particularly in the first half.

The team welcomes back Capt Stu McLaren RM, a member of the successful Commonwealth Cup 2012 squad, before he was appointed to the defence training school in Jamaica as a staff officer for 4 months.

Stu commented ‘It's great to be back with the boys and although I did not see a great deal of rugby in Jamaica, I am hungry and ready to go and make a contribution to the squad where I can'

Dale Sleeman, selected in the centre, reaches the significant milestone of 10 caps, he has been ever-present since the Championship winning team of 2010 and is looking forward to what will be an intense battle.

Dale said of the fixture ‘A lot of people who watch Navy rugby just see the game at Twickenham and forget that both teams have already both played the RAF. As a player all the Championship games are just as physical and intense as each other, its real cup rugby, and it is what you spend the season preparing for'.

DoR, Cdr Andy Kellett, has a healthy respect for the RAF and warns of any complacency, ‘The opening game is always a physical encounter and I expect this to be no different. Players will be focussed on winning this game and any thoughts of future matches have not come in to the camp'.

RN Senior XV Squad

1NA (AH)K Mason* ** +HMNB Devonport
2LA (AH)B Priddey* **MASF
3AET K Beasley* **RNAS Culdrose  
4CPOAETS Thompson*HMS Sultan
5POET (AE)M Cormack* **854 NAS 
6MneD Taylor*42 Cdo RM
7MAS Laird*RAF Henlow
8Sgt RMG Evans* **RMR London
9POAETD Pascoe* **RNAS Culdrose (Capt)
10MneN Huntley* **30 Cdo IX Gp
11MneJ Marlin* **42 Cdo RM
12ET (ME)D Sleeman* **HMS Raleigh
13MneM Tichias*RM Poole
14MneJ Foster*40 Cdo RM
15AETJ Humphrey*845 NAS
16 POAETJ Court*829 NAS 
17Capt RMS McLaren*NCHQ
18LET (WESM)I Cooper*HMS Collingwood
19MneS Raumakita*SEME Bordon
20Logs (SC)S Buinimasi* **HMNB Devonport
21ABT Davies*HMS Illustrious
22MneG Welling* **RM ASC


The RN Women will be commencing their 2013 Inter Service Championship against the RAF Women at RAF Halton on Wed 10 April (kick off 1100). The RN (W) come to this fixture feeling confident after a tough game against a French Navy team that included several International players.

The RAF game is always close and is the one that the RN (W) targets every season. With a strong squad travelling to Halton, the RN (W) has good options both in the starting 15 and on the bench.

Chairwoman, Lt Cdr Kirsty Marlor (RAF Cosford) said ‘The performances that the RN (W) have been producing in preparation for the Inter Services have impressed me and I am both confident and proud of the squad that will be facing the RAF on Wed'.


1LAETP Williams* **702 NAS
2LAC E Park HMS Collingwood
3AET L Christie 702 NAS
4NA (AH) C Penrose RNAS Culdrose
5AB S Hargrave  HMS St Albans
6Lt C Fredrickson* ** (Capt)COMUKTG
7SLt H Stevenson HMS Collingwood
8Lt P Bennett-Smith ** NATO Northwood
9AB L Morton * ** HMS Nelson
10POET (WE) S Jenkins * ** HMS Collingwood
11Lt C Oakes 854 NAS
12LSC F Greene* HMS Illustrious
13AB S Alderson HMS Scott
14POAWT E Swinton* **HMS Collingwood
15LStd H Ing RN PDT&MC
16MA A Risker KEOGH Barracks
17SLt K Ives HMS Collingwood
18NNS A Kightley DSHE
19AET K Broadbere CHF HQ
20POCT Z Beer RAF Digby
21Lt Cdr K Marlor RAF Cosford
23Logs N Sikora HMS Drake

* RN cap

** CS cap

+ International