RNRU Value The Volunteer 2012

RNRU Value the Volunteer 2012:  George Ramshaw (Cdr RN Rtd)

George Ramshaw has made a significant contribution to the successful management of United Service Portsmouth Rugby Club over a period of seven years.

Despite demanding work commitments with the Royal Navy, and latterly in transition to civilian employment through the Resettlement process, George has applied his honed analytical and business acumen to deliver consistently well considered and accurate business plans over a prolonged period.  The post of Club Treasurer is essential to the effective management of the rugby club but often go unnoticed by the wider playing community as the work is predominantly conducted out of sight of the more traditional club activities.  Nonetheless, George's dedication and professional support have enabled the club to operate successfully, maximising the benefits of all available resources, and with appropriate consideration to a solid business plan.

Notwithstanding all George's hard work in the planning of club activities and allocation of resources, as well as the considerable amount of time spent managing accurate and well-presented accounts, George has remained an enthusiastic and pragmatic Treasurer who has never sought the limelight or expected any reward for his endeavours.  George's continued hard work and facilitation of enjoyable rugby for all at United Services Portsmouth over a prolonged period of time make him an outstanding candidate for a "Value the Volunteer" award.

RNRU Value the Volunteer 2012:   CDR Mark Atkinson RN

Cdr Mark Atkinson RN is a stalwart of United Services Portsmouth Juniors, managing to reliably combine several roles within the organisation and make it all seem effortless. 

As a coach for the last 7 years, he has built up fantastic relationship with his team. He invests his training sessions with military style humour, service ethos and clear enjoyment of the game that his, now under 13s charges, have grown to love. With this enjoyment he has brought success, his squad completing the whole of last season without losing a single game.  

On top of this he has run the club accounts for several years in a fashion that year on year brings positive comments as to his professionalism from the various Royal Navy audit teams.

If that were not enough, with the help of his wife, he runs the club kit shop. This takes a not significant amount of administration ensuring that there is enough ‘size something' shorts/shirts/socks etc., available at each and every training session. This again has not been a short time commitment but for many years. 

Still he volunteers for more; this year Mark has proposed, planned and organised for the whole Junior Club to go to Twickenham and watch England vs Fiji. His idea is to inspire the youngsters, to get parents actively involved and feel a part of the club, and to promote the club within the community by getting as much publicity as possible. This is an undertaking more difficult than the most amateur clubs would attempt. It will be a great success as is everything he organises. 

It can be said of a few people at the United Services Juniors that, without their efforts, the club would not have developed as strongly as it has in recent years. However, there is only one person without whom the club could have ground to a halt as his enthusiasm and drive inspires those around him. For years he has been reliable, hardworking and utterly committed to the advancement of United Services Portsmouth and more importantly, has been an excellent role model to his charges