As part of the RNRU Strategic Plan for the growth of Rugby within the Navy the sports afternoons at HMS COLLINGWOOD and HMS SULTAN have been ‘taken over’ by RNRU Coaches. The first Training Session took place at HMS Collingwood on Tue 9 Jan with 100 trainees participating and a ratio of student to coach of 10:1. It is hoped that these taster sessions will inspire new players to take up the game and give junior coaches the opportunity to develop experience. With between 80 – 100 trainees in attendance at each session it is anticipated that our newly entered personnel will receive a first class introduction to rugby with the potential of reaching 2000 students on a termly basis. This initiative is very much in keeping with the RFU’s ‘Go Play Rugby' Scheme which will be officially launched at the Rugby Leaders Conference at the end of Mar 07. The 'Go Play Rugby' Scheme is aimed at getting people between the ages of 17 and 30 starting or returning to the game of rugby which compliments the initiatives for grass roots development being undertaken by the RN. Negotiations are now in place to extend the scheme to both BRNC and HMS RALEIGH. More photographs in the Photo Gallery