On 6 Feb 13, the RN(W) lost to a strong Plymouth Albion side at Devonport Services.  The match began with a Plymouth Albion kick off and some good Albion pressure resulted in the Navy conceding a penalty around halfway, which Albion where unable to convert. 

Plymouth Albion continued to put pressure on the Navy defence, which held up well which is great testament to the work of both the team and the coaches. 

The Navy managed to break through the Albion line and pushed up field and into the Albion 22m. 

At the scrum, the Navy were put under pressure by the larger Albion pack and only some good tackles by Fly Half, LET(WE) (Sarah) Jenkins (HMS Collingwood) and LStd (Helen) Ing (Fleet DNPERS) prevented an Albion try. 

The Navy defence held strong until 20 mins into the first half, when Albion went over to score an unconverted try 0-5. 

From the restart, the Navy worked hard and the centre partnership of Logs (Fiesha) Greene (HMS Illustrious) and ET(ME) (Lavinia) Vakurivalu (HMS Drake GSP Pool) made some good runs.  However, Albion managed to break through and score their second try (converted). 0-12. 

The Navy forwards continued to battle at the break downs with AB (Loz) Morton (HMS Nelson) directing them well.  After a period of sustained pressure by Albion, they managed to score a third try. 0-17. 

From the restart, the Navy looked focused and pressurised the Albion defence.  Moments before the half time whistle, the Navy scrum half, Morton, scored a try.  HT: RN(W) 5-17 Plymouth Albion.

Albion scored an early unconverted try at the start of the second half. 5-22.

The Navy made a replacement, NN(S) (Alice) Kightley (Defence School of Healthcare Education) came on for AET (Kate) Broadbere (CHF). 

The Navy continued to work hard to slow the Albion attack and only some last ditch tackles by POCT (Zoe) Beer (RAF Digby) and ET(WE) (Sarah) Mitchell stopped Albion scoring a try. 

The Navy made a second substitution, AB (Leigh) Oyebanji (HMS Raleigh) replaced ET(ME) (Sophia) Dockerty (CFPS Squad) on the wing. 

Albion won a scrum on the Navy 5m which even after some staunch defence led to another try. 

Play was stopped for an injury to Mitchell with 15 mins remaining.  RN(W) Chairman Lt Cdr (Kirsty) Marlor (RAF Cosford) came on to replace the injured Mitchell on the flank.  The Navy capitalised on some poor discipline by Albion and Morton scored her second try of the game.  

Albion responded and from the restart went back on the attack with a line out in the Navy 22m.  A good passage of play by Albion was met by a resolute Navy defence, but Albion scored in the corner.  FT: RN(W) 10-44 Plymouth Albion. 

RN(W) Head Coach, Lt D Salisbury (NCHQ) said

"We continued to develop as a side today.  The ladies showed good team spirit and didn't stop trying to play a positive brand of rugby throughout the game."

The next game for the RN(W) is against Trojans at HMS Collingwood on 6 Mar 13.

Man of the Match:  AB (Lauren) Morton & LStd (Helen) Ing


1.  LAC (Emily) Park (HMS Collingwood) (Vice Captain)

2.  MA (Amy) Risker (Keogh Barracks)

3.  OC (Aimee) Sadler (BRNC Dartmouth)

4.  AET (Kate) Broadbere (CHF HQ)

5.  ETWE (Sarah) Mitchell (HMS Collingwood)

6.  POCT (Zoe) Beer (RAF Digby)

7.  AET (Zoe) Harrop (848 NAS)

8.  Lt (Paula) Bennett-Smith (NATO Northwood)

9.  AB (Lauren) Morton (HMS Nelson)

10.  POET(WE) (Sarah) Jenkins (HMS Collingwood) (Captain)

11.  AB (Natalie) Sikora (HMS Drake)

12.  Logs (Fiesha) Greene (HMS Illustrious)

13.  ETME (Lavinia) Vakurivalu (Drake GSP Pool)

14.  ETME (Sophia) Dockerty (CFPS Squad)

15.  LStd (Helen) Ing (Fleet DNPERS)

16.  NN (Alice) Kightley (Defence School of Healthcare Education)

17.  AB (Leigh) Oyebanji (HMS Raleigh)

18.  Lt Cdr (Kirsty) Marlor (RAF Cosford)