Ocean 10's Match Report

From the outset HMS Ocean proved a strong contender for this year's Western Regions 10's Tournament held at Devonport Services RFC . Ocean's pool against HMS Seahawk, BRNC Dartmouth & HMS Monmouth saw them excel in rugby ability to steam ahead to the finals to be held 10th March in Portsmouth.

Ocean made a strong opening to the tournament in their first game against HMS Seahawk. Ocean kicked off the game but quickly secured possession from a turn over by PO(AH) (Nathan) Attis and maintained possession for PO SEA (Jan) Geldard to score the first try of the tournament. The try went unconverted. Ocean retained possession in Seahawks territory but could not break the defenders line before half time. The 2nd half showed an even match between the two sides. Seahawk managed to level the score with a try that went unconverted. 5-5. Ocean worked to their strengths, keeping the ball in hand. Following a penalty to Ocean for holding on AB (Chris) McDonald put a perfect kick to the 5m line to give Ocean the opportunity to drive over, which was unfortunately held up. At the scrum re-start the ball was passed wide to create space for McDonald to slip through and score leaving the first game 5-10 to Ocean.

Ocean continued their strong start in their 2nd match against BRNC Dartmouth. Dartmouth began with possession until a break by LAET (Stu) Isaksen created space for LCHF (Calwin) Jones to put the first points on the board. Ocean showed good defence against a strong running side but eventually a penalty against Ocean pushed BRNC deep into Ocean's territory. Working hard to keep Dartmouth from breaching the line PO AET (Rob) Jones relieved pressure with a critical kick out of their 5m which was skilfully picked up by NA(AH) (Tom) Scott who ran the length of the pitch to score the 2nd try of the game for Ocean, converted by WS (Matty) Titmass. Some sharp footwork by LET ME Rab Seru was disappointingly wasted as the ball was knocked on over the try line leaving the score 12-0 at halftime. The second half saw some scrappy play from both sides with Dartmouth maintaining possession, eventually leading to them breaking Ocean's defence and going over the line. Following a Dartmouth penalty on Oceans 5m line, a pass was intercepted by CHF (Chad) Smith to score, bringing Ocean well into the lead 17-5. Dartmouth came back strong and despite several poor passes managed to score the last try of the game, 17-10.

Ocean's final game of the heats against HMS Monmouth proved to be their best performance. Scoring within the opening minutes following a pick and go from Paddy Mac & kick to the wing that was picked up for a try by Isacksen, converted by Titmass. Ocean kicked to Monmouth but swiftly regained possession following a hard tackle by NA(AH) (Cody) Duheaume. This gave the opportunity for AET (Nathan)Trower to turn over the ball and pass out to Isaksen on the wing for his 2nd try of the game. The following restart repeated the last with Duheaume chasing hard to make the initial tackle, with the ball once again turned over by Trower and taken over the line by Geldard. Ocean had an impressive 17-0 lead within the opening minutes. Ocean continued to play clever rugby giving (Rob) Jones opportunity to score his first try of the tournament and following a quick tap and go from a penalty by Smith a further try was scored by NA(AH) (Tom) Matanatabu to bring the score to 27-0 at half time. The 2nd half started with Ocean gaining possession from Monmouth's lineout in Oceans 22. Scott continued to prove his strong running ability in making it the length of the pitch through several defenders to score again under the posts. Converted by (Calwin) Jones bringing the score to 34-0. Ocean continued to play to their game with strong running and good defence with further tries scored by (Calwin) Jones, & Titmass, leaving the final result at a whitewash over Monmouth of 46-0.

Ocean were then through to the final against HMS Heron. Heron were a strong, well drilled side and the pause in play between games took its toll on Ocean's attacking line. Defending deep in their territory Ocean did well to make Heron work hard however, at half time Heron were 22-0 up. The second half saw Ocean up their game and bring back their attacking play. Keeping possession gave Duheaume opportunity to roll over the try line. However, Heron managed to break Ocean's defence once more bringing the final score to 32-5.

Ocean showed a good display of rugby during the tournament and will be confident in their ability for upcoming fixtures.

Team List
1 PO AWT Bill Baillie
6 AET Nathan Trower
7 NA(AH) Tom Matanatabu
8 AB Chris McDonald
9 NA(AH) Cody Duheaume
10 ME Phil Mitchel
11 PO MA Kev Carlton
12 NA(AH) Tom Scott
13 LAET Stu Isaksen
15 CHF Chad Smith
16 PO SEA Jan Geldard
17 ST Eddy Browes
18 LCHF Calwyn Jones
20 PO(AH) Nathan Attis
21 AB Rob Fletcher
22 LET ME Rab Seru
24 PO AET Rob Jones
25 WS Matty Titmass