Navy U23 to Play Army U23

When the squad assembled today [Wednesday 3 Dec] Navy Rugby U23 Head Coach, Lt Doc Cox RN, found he had to deal with the injury fall out following the match against the RAF U23s on Friday night. As a consequence the team shows a number of changes to ensure that the balance though the side is maintained. Naming the side early Doc Cox explained that a couple of the squad are still unable to train because of knocks picked up but he is optimistic that these will clear up in time and the whole twenty two will be available for Fridays final run out. RN U23 to play the Army U23 1. O/C Blackburn 2. O/C Gaught 3. AB Marks 4. Mne Kitson 5. AB Cairns (Capt) 6. 2LT Williams 7. Mne Long 8. AET G Jones 9. AET Cox 10. SLt Gresswell 11. AB Beavis 12. SLt Targett 13. Mne Wellings 14. AET Phillips 15. AET Hanson 16. ET(ME) M Jones 17. ET(ME) Ives 18. Mid Thompson 19. NA(AH) Ellor 20. ET(ME) Jenkins 21. Mne Wadham 22. LAET Burton