Navy Sharks Update

The Sharks went into the semi final against the Wooden Spooners with confidence from the previous days matches, the game kicked off in very hot conditions but the Sharks gained possession immediately, Marine Jonny Stephen broke down the middle of the field from his own 22 drew the sweeper and hit a pinpoint 20 metre pass to support man Corporal Greg Bardon who glided across the turf from the half way line to score near the posts, next to score were the Spooners after a misjudged lineout from the Sharks, play after that was non stop with both sides threatening up until the half time whistle, the touch judge however had other ideas, he saw an earlier infringment so the referee awarded a penalty to the Spooners, however the Naval defence was working well and from a turn over Marine Jonny Stephen darted around an unguarded ruck to go through, he stood the sweeper up and went into overdrive to go round him and score in the corner for a great individual try, the half time whistle went again leaving the Sharks 12 - 5 to the good.  The second half started poorly and the Spooners were awarded a free kick from the kick off which after a good set of phases managed to score, another mistake from the kick off saw another try being scored, the Sharks threw everything they had into their game looking to get another score but just couldn't find the last pass before the final whistle went.  Both sides were tired after a great specticle of 7's rugby, the Sharks can hold their heads up high because every player gave their all in an effort to get to the final.

RN Sharks 12 - Wooden Spooners 31

Head coach LT Steve Wrigglesworth was pleased with his players and the standards they set during the tournament, he also wanted to mention 2 players, Corporal Greg Bardon and Marine Jonny Stephen for having excellent tournaments.