History Made at Burnaby Rd

A historic encounter at Burnaby Rd finished with the league team winning 39-16 on the scoreboard and both teams gaining from a very different encounter. The challenge, eighty minutes of rugby league, clearly took the union team out of their comfort zone but following a heavy week of training they still found enough inventiveness to pose a few questions in attack whilst the defence may not have been always structurally sound it was always fully committed.

A good sized ground watched an even first half with the league team keeping themselves at least a score in front. The half time score of 20-16 was probably a fair reflection of the play although the union team were unlucky to have an early opportunity from Calum MacRae (CTCRM) ruled touch and goal. However the three tries they did score through Ben Priddey (RNAS Culdrose), OWen Galstonbury (CTCRM) and Aaron Hunt (RNAS Yeovilton) were well worked and but for a number of unforced errors may well have been added to.

However the second half saw few opportunities. The referee, who handled the match well and with sympathy, felt that he had given the union side long enough to adjust to the requirements at the 'ruck'. As a consequence a few more penalties conceded in the second half forced the union team to defend for long periods. With the League side enjoying both quantity and quality of possession they were able to exert pressure and eventually exploit their opportunities to score a number of well crafted tries. By the end of the half they had added three second half tries to their four of the first half and were good value for their 39-16 victory.

As much as the union team enjoyed the good work out for many of them it will be a relief to return to the game they know when Navy Rugby takes on Esher at Esher RFC on Tuesday night.

Navy team to play Esher:
Mason (845 NAS, RNA Yeovilton), Priddey (RNAS Culdrose), Roberts (HMS Bulwark), Cairns (CFPS), Scotthorne (42 Cdo RM), Jones (RNAS Yeovilton), Barden (HMNB Portsmouth), Cadmore (HMS Raleigh), Pascoe (Capt) (771 NAS, RNAS Culdrose), John (HMS Liverpool), Llewellyn (Cdo Logs RM), Sleeman (HMS Cumberland), MacRae (CTCRM), Marlin (HMS Chatham), Bamford (HMS Collingwood)

Replacements to be announced.