Final Time for Navy Referee

Petty Officer Jane Pizzi was the referee for the Army Women’s Corps final at Aldershot. Jane was ably assisted by recently qualified Army referees Maj Ann O’Flynn and Capt Elaine Radcliffe. This match was a milestone for the Combined Services Rugby Referee as it was the first match that they had fielded a female team of 3. John Voss the Combined Services Rugby Referees, Referee Development Officer said “It has been a long term aim of the Federation to field a female team of 3 for the Corps women’s final, the team on the day performed to an extremely high standard drawing complimentary comments from the coaches. We will look forward to a time when this will become common place in Service rugby”. The match was keenly contested between REME v RLC, with the RLC running out winners. When asked how she felt about the appointment Jane said “it is a huge honour to be appointed to such a prestigious fixture, I am indebted to Royal Navy Referees for showing such confidence in me by putting me forward to referee this match”. Jane has been refereeing for 10 years but her career has curtailed her officiating due to drafts to sea and Afghanistan, she will be shortly entering BRNC to take a commission and fulfil her ambition to become a logistics officer. As well as refereeing she has also found time in the past to be involved with the RN Women XV.