ESS – Proud to support the Royal Navy Rugby Union

ESS is a specialist food and support services provider to the Defence sector, serving over 80,000 fresh, nutritious meals to Defence personnel every day. We are proud to serve all three of Britain’s Armed Forces in Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force bases, delivering a range of individually tailored support services to support more than 30 military sites in the UK.

ESS has a long-established relationship with the Royal Navy at the Fleet Accommodation Centre in Plymouth, and more recently through the Fleet Outsourced Activity Project contract covering Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and MOD sites on the south coast and in the south-west. ESS is delighted to demonstrate this passion and support for the Defence community through our sponsorship of the Royal Navy Rugby Union.

This underpins our bigger commitment to the Royal Navy’s ethos, health and wellbeing.
We deliver support to Royal Navy representative rugby teams at training camps, providing accommodation and nutritionally balanced meals that meet their highly physical demands. We also work alongside key Navy personnel at our sites, such as nutritionists, dental specialists, physical trainers and within local health forums to ensure that we are pro-actively contributing to the wellbeing of all our customers. Recently, we’ve developed new menus and introduced GDA labelling to make it easier for our customers to make informed choices about what they eat.

Managing Director of ESS, Chris Garside highlighted the benefits of the new relationship. “As the main provider of catering and accommodation services within the Royal Navy, we regularly interact with the wider Navy Rugby community. This will enhance our ability to positively contribute to the playing of sport within the Royal Navy at all levels – from the very top to grass roots. We are also looking forward to selling many Navy Rugby shirts across our retail outlets in Naval establishments.”

Commenting on the agreement, the RNRU's Director of Marketing, Jon Caple, said; "The RNRU Marketing Strategy continues to evolve, and we are delighted that we have the support of ESS.  There are exciting times ahead for our Royal Navy Rugby Union followers, a redesigned website, improved interactive social media and a new range from Under Armour.  ESS is an integral part of this strategy and we hope to build on this superb relationship."

The Royal Navy Rugby Union replica shirt will be available online and through ESS outlets from Jan 2014.

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Image of Chris Garside and VAdm PA Jones by Alligin Photography / © Geraint Ashton