Director International Defence Rugby Competition

Terms of Reference for the International Defence Rugby Competition (IDRC 2015) 2015 Tournament Director (TD)

1. The International Defence Rugby Competition is a tournament that runs parallel to the Rugby World Cup. First competed for in Australia (2011), the Tournament will now take place in UK in 2015 based around 3 locations (RAF. Halton, the British Army Garrison in Aldershot and HM Naval Base Portsmouth).

2. The Tournament will consist of 9 invited Nations (Military Combined Service. Teams) plus the 3 “home teams” with each home team hosting a 4 team competition in their respective area before the semi final and final moves to the London area. The home team competitions will be run by the respective Single Service, however, the semi finals and final will be run by a combined committee and will be co-located with RWC 2015 matches to maximise the profile and crowd attendance. RWC 2015 has already agreed to Market these matches alongside the RWC Tournament fixtures.

3. The organisation of the IDRC 2015 is attached; with the Army lead for Combined Services in 2015 the Army President and Chairman will act in their traditional roles, underneath them being a Tournament Director, Single Service co-ordinators, Planning Committee and finally Group Management Teams for the respective home team competitions.

4. The Tournament will run from 5 – 29 October 2015. All posts less the Tournament Director will be filled by volunteers and for Military personnel will run parallel to professional appointments, however most appointments will be expected to be released from their duties over the period Mon 14 Sep – Fri 6 Nov 15 to ensure the effective running of the competition. Any non military appointments will be on a volunteer basis but re numeration will be given for ‘reasonable travel costs’ in addition to any costs covered by the Tournament itself.

Primary Purpose: It is expected that this post will be held against the MoD Manning Training Margin over the period 1 May – 15 Nov 15. To act as the overall co-ordinator for the IDRC 2015. This includes:

1. Responsible to the President and Chairman for the overall delivery of the Tournament to the Performance/Cost/Time (PCT) envelope.
2. Oversight and leadership of the IDRC Tournament construct and framework as the respective committees are stood up.
3. Senior Stakeholder engagement between RWC 2015, RFU, MoD, FCO and main Tournament sponsors
4. Overall Tournament budget construction and management of collective resources to deliver the Tournament outputs. This includes oversight and D&G where necessary to the respective committees and individuals.
5. Development, management and oversight of the Level 0 Programme Plan and respective single service Level 1 plans for the regional tournaments. Responsible for meeting key milestones and deliverables.
6. Maintenance of the Tournament Battle Rhythm including briefings to all Senior Stakeholders and sponsors.

The IDRC Tournament Director (TD) is directly accountable to the Chairman and will deputise for the Chairman and President as required.

1. Line authority. TD is authorised to exercise line authority over all personnel within the IDRC 2015 framework responsible for the Tournament outputs. TD is to be conscious of both professional commitments and Singe Service responsibilities (particularly in the Inter Service Tournament periods) .
2. Functional Authority. TD is authorised to exercise functional authority over any augmentees or personnel temporarily appointed to the IDRC organisation for specific tasking/roles.

TD’s primary tasks are to:

• Be responsible for Senior Stakeholder engagement between RWC 2015 RFU, MoD, FCO, sponsors and the participating nations senior management.
• Oversee the Tournament construct and agree the final Level 0 and Level 1 Programme plans and the budget construction.
• Ensure all key milestones are met and deliver the Tournament aims.
• Provide regular updates and briefings to those personnel listed in 10a above

The TD attends the following Committees and Groups and may form additional sub committees in addition to the current governance structure as the Tournament dictates or good military judgement requires.

• Planning Committee – Monthly from Jan 15 (this can be virtual or by VTC)
• Group Management Teams – quarterly after inaugural meeting.

In addition the TD will form a close working relationship with the senior Co-ordinators ( the Single Service Secretaries) for the delivery of the Tournament outputs.

The post holder is to be an OF6/OF5 rank with good leadership skills and knowledge of Service Rugby. Highly desirable skills, knowledge and competencies are listed below:

• Held previous Command/Executive appointments.
• Strong Leadership skills.
• Staff Training and good interpersonal skills.
• A knowledge of Service Rugby.

Closing date 3rd October 2014.
Applications should be made in writing, via email, to The RNRU Secretary. Email address to be used is

Chairman Royal Navy Rugby Union