Corps Centre’s Timely Reminder

They say every cloud has a silver lining and although the Harpenden Sevens did not produce the best results on the field it did give Mne Scott Llywellyn (pictured) the platform to remind people of his many talents at centre. Scott’s creativity of pass and deceptive running stood out on a day when many others under performed. It was another nudge from the young Marine, if one was needed, that the Navy has depth of talent in the centre position and there is a place for guile as well as brawn in the modern game. With Scott’s fellow centre and colleague from Cdo Logs, Callum McCrae, also returning to more regular rugby it holds the prospect of a top quality centre combination being on show in next month’s Inter Command tournament for the Corps side. The Royal Marines first game is on the 17 October v Plymouth Command and the potential exists for them to select a most potent midfield combination. Ever dependent on operational availability imagine the following combinations in a Command team: A backrow including Capts Will Pilkington (PJHQ) and Matt Parker (42 CdoRM). Mne Rhodes (HMS BULWARK) partnering Mne Rob Lloyd (CTRM) at halfback with Callum inside Scott as the centre pairing. We asked Navy 1st XV, Team Manager, WO Sid Cole to comment. “Its certainly an exciting prospect. We’re hoping that many of last season’s squad will be available for this autumn’s Inter Command tournament because a strong competition underpins what we are trying to achieve within the senior XV. When you are looking for emerging talent it helps if they are supported, on the field, by more experienced players. These games also give the opportunity for us to look at the senior players taking greater responsibility in terms of game management and decision-making. As you know this season we are picking the RN side, for the first match, purely from players who take part in the Command games so again we’re encouraging the Command’s to field as strong a team as they possibly can.”