Commonwealth Cup

At the end of a good day on the training ground the RN Squad joined the rest of the teams competing for the Commonwealth Cup in the resplendent gardens of the Flag Officer Fleet at Admiralty House for the opening ceremony and official welcome to South Africa. This was the first time that the teams had come face to face and although the atmosphere was convivial there was a definite undercurrent of each player weighing up their potential adversaries. This was also the first time that the Trophy was on public display as Admiral Bester SAN gave his welcoming speech. The converted shirts specially commissioned by Babcock which would be worn by those players selected to represent the Navy Barbarians were also on show. The talk soon got around to what the trophy could be filled with before it is presented to the winning team but the suggested alcoholic concoctions would not necessarily be appropriate to be drunk by the winning team especially if they had visions of playing in the Barbarians fixture. The fixtures for the tournament are as follows: 3 Oct 1330 - South African Navy v Royal New Zealand Navy 1515 - Royal Navy v Royal Australian Navy 6 Oct1330 – Royal Navy v Royal New Zealand Navy 1515 – South African Navy v Royal Australian Navy 10 Oct 1330 – Royal New Zealand Navy v Royal Australian Navy 1515 – South African Navy v Royal Navy 13 Oct 1900 – Barbarians Navy Select v False Bay Invitation XV The RN Touring Party CPO Simon BURNSHMS BROCKLESBY AET Dan PARKESHMS HERON WEA Daisy MAYHMS COLLINGWOOD LAET Jon COURTHMS SEAHAWK SGT Milky MILKINSRMR TYNE CSGT Woolly WOOLTORTON RM STONEHOUSE CPOMEA Jess OWENSHMS BULWARK LAET Marsh CORMACKHMS HERON LT Jim HYDEABBEY WOOD SA Andy SHIELDSHMS EXETER LAET Justin DONEYHMS SEAHAWK LT Paul LAIDLERBRNC DARTMOUTH MNE Dixey DICKSHMS FLYING FOX LMA Marc SALAMA HMS HERON MNE Gaz EVANSRM STONEHOUSE SA Stricky STRICKHMS EDINBURGH LAET Paco PASCOEHMS SEAHAWK LWEA Cowboy JOHNHMS BULWARK MNE Hodgy HODGKINSON HMS BULWARK SLT Tom GLOVERHMS HURWORTH SLT Dave BERRYHMS EXETER OM Jamie CARUANAHMS MONMOUTH MEM Alex WATTHMS EDINBURGH LPT Dave JONESHMS PORTLAND LAEA AndyVANCEHMS HERON MNE Lloydy LLOYDRMCDT AET Joe POOLEHMS HERON LAET Owen SALMONHMS HERON SA Bee BUINIMASIHMS CUMBERLAND CPL Greg BARDENRM POOLE CDR Mark DELLER FLEET HQ HEAD COACH WO1 Sid COLE ABBEY WOOD MANAGER CPO Dave SIBSONHMS COLLINGWOOD BACKS COACH CPO Nick BARTLETT WMO DEVONPORT FORWARD COACH POPT Dusty MILLER HMS COLLINGWOOD CONDITIONING CPO Paul BURTON ABBEY WOOD REFEREE MISS Lynsey COLQUHUON PHYSIO MISS Wilma BOYINGTON PHYSIO The team for the first fixture against the South African Navy is as follows: 1 AET Dan PARKES 2 SGT Milky MILKINS 3 CPO Simon BURNS 4 LAET Marsh CORMACK 5 LT Jim HYDE 6 LMA Marc SALAMA 7 LAET Justin DONEY 8 MNE Gaz EVANS 9 LAET Paco PASCOE 10 MNE Hodgy HODGKINSON 11 LAEA AndyVANCE 12 SLT Dave BERRY 13 OM Jamie CARUANA 14 SA Bee BUINIMASI 15 MNE Lloydy LLOYD 16 LAET Jon COURT 18 CPOMEA Jess OWENS 20 LWEA Cowboy JOHN 22 CPL Greg BARDEN 17 CSGT Woolly WOOLTORTON 19 LT Paul LAIDLER 21 LPT Dave JONES