Barbarians v False Bay Invitation Select

All of the best players from the Commonwealth Cup Competition came together as the Naval Barbarians to face a strong team from the region which included players from several of the Western Province clubs. The fixture had been sponsored by Babcocks and all of the Barbarians were immensely proud to wear the coveted and unique shirts provided for the occasion. The game was champagne rugby at its best with both teams playing a fast flowing game and a fitting spectacle for the large and knowledgeable crowd. It true Barbarians style the option to kick penalties for points was not taken and 'run it' was always the prevailing tactic. With only 13 minutes played the score was 12-0 to the Baa Baas and by half time the score had moved on to 19-14 but in the second period it was the False Bay side who started to tick and the strains of the Commonwealth Cup Competition began to show on the Navy select. The final score was 26-49 to False Bay but all of the Barbarians had taken the field and the RN contingent had much to be proud of. With both Simon Burns and the most improved player in the RN Squad, Andy Vance, both getting on the score sheet there was much to take from the whole experience. The rivalries of the Commonwealth Cup Competition had been put to one side and the respect, understanding and camaraderie of the competing navies had been greatly enhanced. It was the fitting climax to the visit to South Africa and all teams would have an even greater determination to participate in 3 years time. Barbarians Team: 1 CPO Andrew Bertoncin RAN 2 SGT Colin Milkins RN 3 CPO Simon Burns RN 4 LAET Marsh Cormac RN 5 WO2 Neil Ritchie SAN 6 CPOPT Ray Cumo RNZN 7 LMT Heath Huay RNZN 8 Cadet Christo Brand SAN 9 ABScott Lancaster RAN 10 LT Dean Brown RAN 11 LAEA Andy Vance RN 12 ASCS Steve O'Brien RNZN 13 Seaman Diri Nasals RAN 14 LS Brad Simmons RAN 15 SLT Andrew Longley RNZN 16 MNE Gaz Evans RN on for 8 after 60 mins 17 LS Jason Harrington RAN on for 5 after 55 mins 18 WEA Simon May RN on for 1 after 50 mins 19 PONP Clinton Hemopo RNZN on for 2 after 50 mins 20 LAET Dave Pascoe RN on for 9 after 60 mins 21 MNE Lloydy Lloyd RN on for 15 after 60 mins 22 MNE Hodgy Hodgkinson RN on for 10 after 70 mins