The RN has announced the team that will kick of the Inter Services Rugby Union competition against the RAF at United Service Sports Ground, Burnaby Road, Portsmouth on Saturday 10th April. Kick off is at 7.15pm and entry is free. 

Team Captain, POAET Dave Pascoe (RNAS Culdrose) wins his 21st cap and flanker Cpl Greg Barden (RM Poole) will win another cap, this time from the back row, to add to those he has won from centre and wing.

Among the starting XV, there will be 4 new caps - Mne Mark Owen (42 Cdo RM), Capt Stu McClaren RM (RMR Bristol), Cpl Damo Chambers (UKLFCSG) and ET(ME) Dale Sleeman (HMS Cumberland). There are also 4 uncapped players on the bench - Mne Dennis Scotthorne (42 Cdo RM), Mne Kieran Morton (UKLFCSG), Mne Mike Egglestone (45 Cdo RM) and Mne Jonny Stephen (CTCRM).

Full team as follows:

1. NA(AH) Kyle Mason - RNAS Culdrose

2. Cpl Gaz Evans - 539 ASRM

3. Mne Mark Owen - 42 Cdo RM

4. LAET Marsh Cormack - RNAS Culdrose

5. Capt Stu McClaren RM - RMR Bristol

6. POPT Les Dennis - HMS Nelson

7. Cpl Greg Barden - RM Poole

8. Cpl Damo Chambers - UKLFCSG

9. POAET Dave Pascoe (Capt) - RNAS Culdrose

10. POET(WE) ‘Cowboy' John - HMS Liverpool

11. AB(Logs)(CS) Josh Drauniniu - HMNB Portsmouth

12. ET(ME) Dale Sleeman - HMS Cumberland

13. LCpl Calum Macrae - CTCRM

14. LAET Andy Vance - HMS Nelson

15. Mne Rob Lloyd - 42 Cdo RM


16. POA(AH) Jan Laity - RNAS Culdrose

17. AB(WS) Robbie Roberts - HMS Bulwark

18. Mne Dennis Scotthorne - 42 Cdo RM

19. Mne Kieran Morton - UKLFCSG

20. Mne Mike Egglestone - 45 Cdo RM

21. Mne Jonny Stephen - CTCRM

22. Mne Scott Llewellyn - Cdo Logs Regt RM