Team to Play Marine Nationale

A number of players will be making their season debut when the Royal Navy take on Marine Nationale in Paris on Friday night. Marsh Cormack (845 Sqn) and Justin Doney (814 Sqn) (see photograph) have both recently returned from Operational tours and will make an all Fleet Air Arm pairing in the Second Row. Meanwhile Callum McCrae and Scott Llewyllen (both 42 Cdo RM) will renew their Dubai 7s partnership in the centre having both recently returned from Norway. Further changes involve CTCRM's duo of Matt Parker and Josh Drauninui who make their first appearance at Number 8 and Right Wing respectively. There are also newcomers on the replacement's bench. Mark Salama (RCDM Birmingham) and Jason Mills (42 Cdom RM) reurn after injuries and Clayton Patilla (HMS Nelson) makes his debut in the Senior shirt as a reward for good performances during the Inter Command Tournament and continued good performances for US Portsmouth. Finally HMS Ark Royal have released prop David Turner and he will look to come off the bench and build on his promising performance against Newbury. The team will face a hard battle in Paris. So far the Babcock trophy has yet to be won by a team playing away from home and the French Navy go into the match as their Inter Service champions and on the back of a successful tour to South Africa. The team in full is as follows: Mason (HMS Bulwark), Evans (CTCRM), Roberts (HMS Bulwark), Cormak (RNAS Yeovilton), Doney (RNAS Culdrose), Dennis (HMS Nelson), Pilkington (DNR), Parker (CTCRM), John (HMS Bulwark), Lloyd (42 Cdo RM), Barden (RM Poole), McCrae (42 Cdo RM), Llewellyn (42 Cdo RM), Drauninui (CTCRM), Vance (RNAS Yeovilton), Turner (Ark Royal), James (HMS Sultan), Patilla (HMS Nelson), Salama (RNDM Birmingham), Salmon (RNAS Yeovilton), Mills (42 Cdo RM), Buinimasi (HMS Cumberland)