The Royal Navy Senior XV are the third and final Service team to play Cambridge University this season in their annual fixture at Burnaby Road on Weds evening KO 1930.

After defeats by Oxford and Esher the Navy are keen to notch up their first win of the season as they prepare for the Inter Service Championship 2013 (IS13).

Head coach POAET (Owen) Salmon (RNAS Yeovilton) is looking for a committed, smart game from his players this week

'We are keen to develop our tactical game as well as building on the team plays. Cambridge will be a strong, attacking side and it will be a good opportunity for us to test ourselves in what I expect to be a high tempo game'.

The Navy will be looking to use this game as a springboard towards the annual fixture against the Irish Defence Forces (IDF), in Dublin on 13 Mar.

DoR Cdr (Andy) Kellett (MoD Abbey Wood) is looking for players to impress as he considers his IS13 final squad next month,

'March is always a crucial time for the RNRU in the build up to the 3 capped games in April against the Marine Nationale, RAF and Army. This is when we will be seeing which players can deliver the game we want to play in the Championship and what is the best combination. Training has been really competitive and players know there are only 22 shirts up for grabs and it is good to see the desire across the squad'.

1. NA (AH) K Mason* ** + HMNB Devonport
2. NA (AH) B Priddey* ** RNAS Culdrose
3. AET K Beasley* RNAS Culdrose
4. CPOAET S Thompson HMS Sultan
5. POET (AE) M Cormack* ** RNAS Culdrose
6. Mne D Taylor 42 Cdo RM
7. Mne S Raumakita* 42 Cdo RM
8. LET (WESM) I Cooper* HMS Collingwood
9. POAET D Pascoe* ** RNAS Culdrose (Capt)
10. Mne N Huntley* 30 Cdo IX Gp
11. Mne G Welling** RMASC
12. ET (ME) D Sleeman* ** HMS Raleigh
13. AB T Davies HMS Illustrious
14. Mne J Foster* 40 Cdo RM
15. Mne J Marlin* ** 42 Cdo RM
16. POAET J Court* RNAS Culdrose
17. Mne J Terry RM Poole
18. LAET J Lamsin RNAS Culdrose
19. Mne T Holliday 6 Ops Sqn RM
20. ET (ME) J Jones HMS Sultan
21. ET (ME) S Davies HMS Sultan
22. Mne K Wood 42 Cdo RM


+ International
** Combined Services
* Royal Navy