The Royal Navy Presidents XV will travel to Sale RFC, to face the Wooden Spooners on Weds 20 Mar.

The Presidents side is selected from those players who have showed promise during the Inter-Command games and the successful U23's.

The game will give players the opportunity to perform and develop their skills at the next level. It also a chance for players on the fringe of the Senior XV to get noticed and stake a claim for senior honours in the future.

The team will be coached by the Royal Navy Community Rugby Coaches from Devonport Service Dave Oakley and from US Portsmouth Si Burns, both of whom are very experienced at all levels of Service rugby.

I am sure this game will be a solid test of our skills and mettle, but feel we, as always, will rise to the challenge presented to us.

The team will be selected from the following:-

1.     Mne Andrews   43 Cdo RM
2.     LCH Dugmore  CTCRM
3.     LET Jones  HMS Sultan
4.     LET Couzens        HMS Sultan
5.     ET Chute  HMNB Portsmouth
6.     Mne Wilson  42 Cdo RM
7.     Mne White  43 Cdo RM
8.     Mid Trehan  Loughborough
9.     S/Lt Bowden  BRNC Dartmouth
10.   Mne Vakalutali  40 Cdo RM
11.   AB Tamoi  HMS Vengeance
12.   POPT Homer  RNAS Culdrose
13.   AET Samuels  HMS Sultan
14.   AET Clay  RNAS Yeovilton
15.   Cpl Theophanides  CTCRM Lympstone
16.   Mne Mclaren  RNAS Culdrose
17.   CSgt Sullivan  42 Cdo RM
18.   ET(ME) Talemaimaleya  HMNB Devonport
19.   AET Macintyre RNAS Culdrose
20.   Mne Warwick  43 Cdo RM
21.   AB Baker  HMS Illustrious
22.   Cpl James  40 Cdo RM
23.   AET Clarke  RNAS Yeovilton