RN Women take on the Army Women in Inter-Service Decider

On Sat 28 Apr at Kneller Hall Kick-Off 1030, the RN Women will be taking on the Army Women in the deciding match of the 2012 Inter-Services Competition.  Historically, the Army Women have come out on top; however, the Navy are feeling confident following an excellent performance against the RAF last week.  If the Navy Women can show the same grit and determination against the Army that they did in the second half against the RAF, then the game should be an exciting display of Women's rugby.

Great credit should go to both the RN and RAF Women as they both battled against the every deteriorating weather conditions.  The RAF Women showed the determination that had the week before run the Army close.

The Navy Women had returning to the team LAET (Pam) Williams (HMS Sultan) who was awarded her first cap earlier this season but due Deployments and Professional Training was unable to accept it until last week. The game also saw SC (Fiesha) Greene (RNPDT Portsmouth) capped for the first time.       

This match will be the last one for Head Coach, Lt Sam Cuff RN (RNAS Yeovilton), who after 4 years with the Women will be moving on to the Navy Sharks.  Lt Cuff has been instrumental in the development of the Women's Squad and we are grateful to him for the amount of time and effort he has put into his role as Head Coach. 

RN Women Chairwomen Lt (Kirsty) Marlor RN said of the fixture ‘With all 3 Royal Navy squads competing for the Championship on Saturday, the Women are hoping to make history this year by taking home the title for the first time'.


1. LAET P Williams (HMS Sultan)* **

2. LAC E Park (MASF Culdrose)

3. LET(WE) E Atkins (HMS Raleigh)

4. NA(AH) C Penrose (RNAS Culdrose)

5. AB(SEA) S Hargrave (HMS York)

6. LT C Fredrickson (849 NAS) (CAPT)**

7. WTR C Lewis (COMPORFLOT)** ^

8. LT H Leach (824 NAS)

9. WTR L Morton (DNPERS)**

10. LET(WE) S Jenkins (HMS Richmond)(VICE CAPT)**

11. ET(ME) E Marner (FPGRM)

12. ET(ME) L Vakurivalu (HMS Northumberland)

13. SC F Greene (RNPDT Portsmouth)*

14. DSA B Brown (42CDO RM)

15. LT C Oakes (854 NAS)

16. LT Bennett-Smith RN (NATO Northwood)**

17. LAET B Sharp (824 NAS)

18. ET(WE) S Mitchell (HMS Ocean)

19. LPT A Marshall (HMS St Albans)

20. LS(AWT) E Swinton (HMS Dragon)*

21. LT V Percival (DE&S Abbeywood)* **

22. AET L Christie (RNAS Yeovilton)


^ International

** Combined Services

* Royal Navy