RN Women 5 v 15 Trojans

The Navy took to the pitch to face Southampton side, Trojans on 14 March at Burnaby Road.  Under the floodlights, the Navy took the kick off and immediately put pressure on Trojans making ground into the Trojans half.  From a scrum, the Navy continued to pressurise Trojans defensive line and fought to get into the 22.  Trojans won the ball and kicked the ball clear to halfway. 

It was Trojans turn to attack the Navy line, but the Navy defended hard with players making some important individual tackles to slow Trojans progress.  From a 5m scrum, the Navy were placed under pressure by Trojans, but again the Navy defence held strong.  However, eventually Trojans managed to fight through and score an unconverted try Navy 0 - Trojans 5 after 20 minutes.

The Navy came back hard and from the restart some good Navy pressure caused Trojans to knock on.  A Navy scrum on the Trojans 22 lead to a magnificent try under the posts by Logs (Fiesha) Greene (RNMC Portsmouth) following a flowing Navy move.  The conversion was missed Navy 5 - Trojans 5.

Following the restart, Trojans put the pressure onto the Navy team and made their way into the Navy 22.  However, the Navy won a penalty and kicked for touch.  Trojans managed to win the line out but some good rucking saw the Navy turn the ball over.  Following a Navy scrum on halfway, Navy scrum half, Logs (Lauren) Morten (DNPers Portsmouth) made a 30m run and put the Navy in a strong offensive position in the Trojans 22m.  Trojans battled and won the ball, kicking themselves into the Navy half.  The Navy pack held strong against a Trojans scrum on their 5m and a good Navy defence forced a Trojans error.  From a Trojans kick, Navy Captain, Lt (Charlotte) Fredrickson RN (849 NAS) caught the ball and immediately attacked the Trojans line. 

From a Trojans scrum on halfway, the Navy managed to turn the ball over and Logs (Charlie) Lewis (COMPORFLOT) made a break into the Trojans half.  Trojans came back at the Navy and Greene made a great tackle to hinder their advance.  Trojans kicked over the top and won a scrum on the Navy 5m line.  The Navy scrummed well and kicked to clear the ball.  From a Navy scrum on their 22, LS (Emma) Swinton (HMS Dragon) made a good break but the ball was knocked on in the pass.  After making a crunching tackle, LET (Emily) Atkins (HMS Raleigh) which resulted in her being injured and replaced by DSA (Bonnie) White (42 Cdo) on the flank and Lt (Paula) Bennett-Smith RN (NATO Northwood) moved to the front row.  The whistle was blown for halftime - Navy 5 - Trojans 5.

The Navy made a halftime substitution.  LET (Vicky) Thomas (HMS Collingwood) was replaced by NA (SE) (Shona) Barnes (RNAS Yeovilton) on the wing.

Trojans kicked off the second half and immediately went on the offensive.  The Navy managed to win a turn over ball and newly appointed Navy Vice Captain, LET (Sarah) Jenkins (HMS Richmond) made good run to halfway.  A Trojans line out on halfway saw them throw a front ball and use the 5m channel to good effect.  However, this move was read by Morton who forced Trojans into touch.  The Navy continued to defend strongly, responding well to each attack that Trojans threw at them.  The Trojans 13 broke through the Navy line making ground into the Navy 22m. The Navy cleared the ball from a penalty and kicked for touch.  Trojans recommenced their offensive but the Navy defence kept absorbing the pressure.  As the Navy defence came up Trojans chipped over the top but the Navy managed to hold up the ball, saving the try.  Winger, Lt (Caroline) Oakes RN (857 NAS) took the ball and made a good run to the halfway line, relieving the pressure on the Navy defence.  Yet again however, Trojans attacked again and despite a great tackle by Morton on the Trojans 13, the offload was achieved and Trojans scored in the corner.  The conversion was missed Navy 5 - Trojans 10 - 65 minutes.

From the restart, Trojans continued to pile the pressure on the Navy defence and following some good rucking, Trojans managed to break the Navy line and scored an unconverted try in the right hand corner.  With 10 minutes to go, the score was Navy 5 - Trojans 15.

The Navy refocused and fought back, driving Trojans back into their own half.  Another Trojans attack ensued, but LAC (Emily) Park (MASF Culdrose) put in a good tackle, slowing them down.  Trojans kicked over the top and the ball was caught by fullback, ET (Lavinia) Vakuruivalu (HMS Northumberland), who kicked the ball deep into the Trojans half.  Some good ball-carrying by the Navy forwards lead to Trojans giving away a penalty.  After a ruck, Bennett-Smith was injured and was replaced this meant a reorganisation of the Navy pack with White moved to the front row and Swinton moving to flanker and LET Thomas coming back onto the wing.  With the final 5 minutes ahead of them, the Navy continued to tackle well in defence, preventing Trojans from making any significant ground.  On the final whistle, the score was Navy 5 - Trojans 15.

Forward of the Match was awarded to Lt (Paula) Bennett-Smith RN

Back of the Match was award to Logs (Fiesha) Greene.


LAC Park (MASF Culdrose), NA(SE) Cullen (RNAS Yeovilton), LET Atkins (HMS Raleigh), NA(AH) Penrose (RNAS Culdrose), AB Hargrave (HMS York), LT Fredrickson RN(Capt) (849 NAS), LOGS Lewis (COMPORFLOT), LT Bennett-Smith RN (NATO Northwood), LOGS Morton (DNPers Portsmouth), LET Jenkins (HMS Richmond), LT Oakes RN (857 NAS), LS Swinton (HMS Dragon), LOGS Greene (RNMC Portsmouth), LET Thomas (HMS Collingwood), ET Vakuruivalu (HMS Northumberland), DSA White (42 Cdo RM), NA(SE) Barnes (RNAS Yeovilton)