RN U23 Inter Service Squad Named

RN U23 Head Coach, PO Owen Salmon, RNAS Yeovilton, has named his squad for the U23 Inter Service Rugby Union Championship. Captined by AB Will Cairns who is now with the Type 23 Pool having recently been part of HMS St Albans the team features a number of players who were part of the successful 2009 Babcock Commonwealth Cup campaign. Despite the set back of losing two fixtures immediately prior to the tournament the squad travel to RAF Cranwell in positive mood as they seek a winning start to the competition. Royal Navy Rugby Union U23 Inter Service Squad 2009 AET Beasley – 820 Sqn RNAS CUldrose AB(Sea) Beavis – HMS Liverpool AET Benton – 849 Sqn RNAS Culdrose OC Blackburn – BRNC Dartmouth LAET Burton - 815 Sqn RNAS Culdrose AB(Sea) Cairns – Porflot Type 23 Pool ET(WE)(SM) Cooper – HMS Astute LAET Cox – RNAS Culdrose AB(WS) Davies – HMS Collingwood Mne Egglestone – 45 Cdo RM NA(AH) Ellor – RNAS Yeovilton AB(WS) Foxwell – HMS Liverpool OC Gallagher – BRNC Dartmouth OC Gaught – BRNC Dartmouth Mne Glastonbury – RM Cdo Display Team NA(SE) Hanson – RNAS Yeovilton Mne A Humphries – RM Stonehouse AET Jones – 845 Sqn RNAS Yeovilton ET(ME) Jones – HMS St Albans Mne Kitson – 40 Cdo RM AB(Sea) McCrossan – HMS Ark Royal AB (Logs)(CS) Pooley – HMS Drake AET Phillips – 846 Sqn RNAS Yeovilton LAET Roberts – HMS Sultan Mne Sanson – FPGRM Mne Scothorne – 42 Cdo RM ET(ME) Sleeman – HMS Cumberland Mne Stephen – CTCRM ET(ME) Talemasimaiveya – HMS Sultan Mne Terry – 45 Cdo RM MA Winfield – HMS Drake Photograph - RN U23 Captain Will Cairns receiving his playing jersey from Cpl Greg Barden at the 2009 Commonwealth Cup