Portsmouth Welcomes a 'Feast of Rugby' on Wed 14 Mar

This Wed sees a ‘Feast of Rugby' in Portsmouth as both the Royal Navy Mariners and Women do battle against the Prison Service and Trojans.

The first to kick-off at 5pm is the Mariners who take on their old rivals the Prison Service who last season had snatched victory from the Mariners in the final few minutes of a very competitive game.

This is followed by the Royal Navy Women v Trojans kick-off 7.30pm in what will be their penultimate fixture prior to the 2012 Inter-Services competition. In previous seasons, this fixture has proven to be fantastic preparation for the Women being both a competitive and challenging game.  The match will give Head Coach, Lt (Sam) Cuff RN (RNAS Yeovilton) and Assistant Coach, NA (Chris) Ellor (RNAS Yeovilton) the opportunity to assess the players prior to the start of the Inter-Services training camp and their final preparatory game against the French Navy in Toulon on the 11 April. 

RN Women Squad

AB Alderson (HMS Scott), LET Atkins (HMS Raleigh), NA(SE) Barnes (RNAS Yeovilton), Lt Bennett-Smith RN (NATO Northwood), DSA Brown (42 Cdo RM), LA(AH), Cameron (RNMC Portsmouth), NA(SE) Cullen (RNAS Yeovilton), Lt Fredrickson RN (Capt) (849 NAS), LOGS Greene (RNMC Portsmouth), AB Hargrave (HMS York), LET Jenkins (HMS Richmond), LOGS Lewis (COMPORFLOT), Lt Lindley RN (HMS Collingwood), LPT Marshall (HMS St Albans), LOGS Morton (DN Pers Portsmouth), LAC Park (MASF Culdrose), NA Penrose (RNAS Culdrose), LS Swinton (HMS Dragon), LET Thomas (HMS Collingwood), ET Vakuruivalu (HMS Northumberland), POMA Williams (HMS Collingwood), LAET Williams (815 NAS), LS Woodhouse (FOST Devonport)