New Senior XV Team Manager Announcement

WO2 Andrew ‘Taff' Wilcock has taken over as the RNRU Senior XV Team Manager (TM), from Lt Cdr Chris Roberts RN, who stood down after this years Army v Navy match to concentrate on his new executive role as the RNRU Director of Community Rugby.

Taff is the current RNRU U23s TM and will continue that role this autumn and hopefully see some of his protégés play themselves in to the senior team next year.  Taff, a Marine Engineer (Submarine) by trade, works in support of the SSN/SSBN Class of Submarines at MoD Abbeywood, responsible for the maintenance policy and UMMS Delivery to the SM Fleet.  A rugby man through and through, he has played rugby (and run Fieldgun) all his life (born in South Wales he started playing when he was 3 months old), until his legs could not keep up with his ambition anymore, when he turned to management.

WO2 Andrew 'Taff' Wilcock

Director of Rugby, Cdr Andy Kellett RN commented ‘Taff will be a brilliant asset to the Senior Team set up, he has the game understanding, representative rugby experience, a no nonsense approach with player management, a fantastic sense of humour and a thick skin, all the ingredients required to be a successful TM. I am really pleased he accepted the invitation and I look forward to working closely with him over the next 12 months.'