Navy Referees at Emerging Schools Tournament

Navy Referees along with their other service colleagues were on duty on the morning of the Army v RAF match at Staines RFC for the pool stages of Daily Express Emerging Schools Rugby Festival. This competition is the culmination of 2 rounds, county and regional, that the teams have to get through before arriving at the finals at Staines. The prize for winning their pool at the morning event is a final on the hallowed turf at Twickenham, these finalists need referees therefore there is a chance for the lucky few to officiate the finals. This year the honour went to Navy referees Dave Philpot (pictured), Matt Keirnan, John Morris, Martyn Holloway & Si Aldridge. Matt who is in first season of refereeing said “I have had an amazing first season and the chance to referee at Twickenham has been the icing on the cake, I’m not sure if it can get better next season”