The first of the 2 Navy Cup Round 1 fixtures saw HMS Heron travel to Scotland to take on HMNB Clyde. Having never played each other before, it was a venture into the unknown. Operational commitments definitely took its toll as HMS Heron were only able to make the epic journey with minimum 15 players.

The game was played on a surprisingly bright day with conditions being pretty much perfect. 

The game began in earnest with both teams fighting for possession. The scrums were dominated by HMS Heron who pressurised the Clyde pack from the first engagement. However, injuries early in the game to an already depleted HMS Heron team gave HMNB Clyde the advantage which they gratefully took scoring 3 tries by half time.

Unable to make any substitutions HMS Heron continued the 2nd half with determination LA (AH) Foreman scoring immediately through shear determination and aggression. 

The Heron comeback was shortly lived as HMS Clyde were able to bring on many sets of fresh legs and take full advantage of a tiring and injured HMS Heron side.

However, HMS Heron never gave up and fought right up until the final whistle giving 100% commitment.

Final score HMS Heron 5 - 36 HMNB Clyde


LA (AH) Foreman

AET Merrick   

AET Hylla    

LAET Lockhead    

CIS Mallinder    

AET Samuels    

PO Highland    

PO Mortensen   

AET Green   

AET Maber    

AET Stuart    

AET Horst    

AET Taylor    

AB Vadiga    

AET Jones