Naples Erupts

Following their convincing 19 - 5 win against the same opponents earlier this season, the Navy's most eastern outpost struggled to exert the same level of dominance in their return fixture with CUS Napoli. Played in the shadow of the city's famous volcano the game was a tempestuous affair with the Italian side living up to their fiery temperament. The game was, as the cliché goes, 'one of two halves. The first period was refereed by Navy official Andy Ebbens. With the Royal Marine having to have eyes in the back of his head to keep on top of things the Nato Lions eased into a 12- 5 lead at the break. The second half saw a local Italian referee take charge (a figure of speech - ed!) in the middle and though the Lions managed to extend their lead the game was marred by a number of off the ball incidents. Lions scrum half David Salisbury seemed to be particularly targeted and though he contributed fully to the final 24 - 12 score line it is not a match he will remember fondly. On a positive note the Lions have recorded another victory as they look to rebuild their player base and will provide stiff opposition to any visiting ships to the Italian West Coast.