Community Coaching is Back!

The RNRU Community Coaches visited HMS COLLINGWOOD this afternoon to deliver the first of six sessions to be delivered across the Naval Service which are aimed at introducing, (and in some cases re-introducing!) young sailors to rugby. Over 80 Phase 2 Trainees were given instruction by the Community Coaches who included Leading Physical Trainers Morrison, McKenna, Buffery, West, Gibbs and Phillips; all of which have recently completed either an RFU TAG Rugby or RFU Level 1 coaching qualifictaion They readily grasped this opprtunity to hone their newly found coaching skills; LPT Gibbs stated 'It's a great opportunity for me to utilise my coaching qualification and develop a will to win attitude in the players' . Mr Simon Aldridge, a Phase 2 Instructor who plays his weekend rugby at local side Gosport & Fareham, was delighted to become part of the RN Community Coaches and clearly enjoyed the opportunity to see his students outside of the training environment. HMS COLLINGWOOD RFC's Head Coach, PO Ash Coates, also made the most of this fantastic opportunity to identify potential players and club members alike. The Community Rugby programme is being led by the RDO, CPO Dusty Miller who says 'It is fantastic to see so many sailors enjoying themselves out on the rugby field; rugby is the epitome of a fighting spirit which remains pivitol in today's modern navy'