Billy May names his squad to play in Dubai

This year marks another first for Navy Rugby with it entering a team into the world-famous Dubai Sevens. Playing in the Overseas Invitational section the team is up against a large number of high quality clubs from around the globe. But the Navy is not there to make up the numbers and the 7s Squad has already played a number of tournaments in the summer series - their greatest success came in winning the slightly differently version played at the Akrotiri 10s Tournament (where they managed to beat the Army!). Billy May, the Navy's Rugby Development Officer and 7s Coach, said "I've had to think long and hard over my selections and - with only being able to take a squad of 10 - there are a lot of unlucky guys. That said, I'm very happy with the squad I have selected and I've gone for a great blend of speed, strength and ball playing ability. It's now for the players and me to deliver in the heat of the Middle East." May's squad is as follows: (Name - Position - Unit) Capt RM Will Pilkington - Fwd - FPTG RM Mne Rhoddri Dicks - Fwd - RM Presentation Team AEM Ollie James - Fwd - HMS Heron OM Dave Roberts - Fwd - HMS Invincible LMA Mark Salama - Fwd - HMS Heron SA Manoa Satala - Back - HMS Gloucester AEM Joe Poole - Back - HMS Heron Mne Rob Lloyd - Back - Cdo Logs WEA Cowboy John - Back - HMNB Portsmouth Mne Carl Saunders - Back - 40 Cdo RM With support from the RN & RM Sports Lottery the squad know they carry the flag for the Naval Service and will be doing their best to return with some silverware. Navy 7s sponsors, Flagship Training Ltd, are delighted the team have made the step up to this level of competition. "We have been delighted to see the progress of the Navy 7s squad and wish them all the best as they seek to capitalise on all the hard work devoted during their first year on the map - good luck!" said Flagship's Business Development Executive, Steve Mackay. Follow their progress on this site as we post day by day reports and pictures. The tournament kicks off on Wednesday 30th November2005.