Royal Navy Rugby Union 10s Championship Finals 2017

Despite the weather HMS Albion's team has a great afternoon of rugby
HMS Somerset try to get the better of the team from Dartmouth
Britannia Royal Naval College in action at the Western region 10s competition

The RNRU annual 10s championship final will take place at HMS Heron, Yeovilton on Wednesday 4 October 2017.  The regional competitions have already taken place and the top teams from those heats will be travelling to Somerset to compete against each other in a bid to claim the RNRU 10s title 2017.

The Eastern Region 10s competition was organised by Community Rugby Coach, Dave Wakefield.  4 teams took part in the competition, each taking turns to play the other 3 teams.  At the end of the day, the team from Thorney Island topped the table, with HMS Sultan's side coming a close second.  Drawing two of their games HMS Collingwood came third and an unlucky HMNB Portsmouth team finished bottom of the table.  The majority of the matches were very close and all sides were congratulated on their skill and enthusiasm.

In the Western Region the RNRU Community Rugby Coach Spider Kelly presided over the teams taking part.  The matches were hotly contested including 2 ship's team from HMS Somerset and HMS Albion.  HMS Albion's team and the side from Britannia Royal Naval College came top of the table and proceeded to the championship final.

The format of the championship will be a league competition, with all teams competing against each other and the final will take place between the two teams ranked first and second in the league.  HMS Albion, Britannia Royal Naval College and HMS Collingwood will be among the teams hoping to win the title.  Match Officials will be provided by the Royal Navy Rugby Union Referees Society.

So if the sun is shining and you fancy watching an entertaining afternoon of 10s Rugby, head to HMS Heron where the first match is due to kick off at 1430.

Images Royal Navy Rugby Union/© Mark Andrews