Amended Referee Appointing Structure

Amended Referee Appointing Structure

Following changes within the Combined Services Rugby Referee Federation, the Royal Navy Rugby Union Referee Society has adopted a new structure to appoint referees to matches under their jurisdiction. Three RN Area Secretaries, covering the North (Cdr Dunx McClement), East (LS Stu Collins) and West (WO2 Dave Prentice) Regions, will appoint referees for matches graded up to and including level 8. Matches graded level 7 or higher will be appointed to by the RN Senior Appointer.

In general terms, the North region will cover Barrow-In-Furness and North, with the East and West regions broadly mimicing the Eastern and Western Region League structures respectively and will incorporate all Naval Service regular and reserve units. Teams comprising the respective regions include:

North. RN and RM units in the Faslane, Rosyth and Barrow in Furness regions, HMS CALEDONIA, HMS NEPTUNE, HMNB Clyde, 43 Cdo (FPG) RM, 45 Cdo Gp RM, HMS GANNET.

East. RN and RM units in the Portsmouth region, HMNB Portsmouth, HMS NELSON, HMS COLLINGWOOD, HMS SULTAN, HMS EXCELLENT, Northwood HQ, CLR RM Viking Squadron.

West. RN and RM units in the Plymouth region, CLR RM, BRNC Dartmouth, HMNB Devonport, HMS DRAKE, RM Tamar, HMS RALEIGH, 40 Cdo Gp RM, 30 Cdo IX Gp RM, RMB Stonehouse, HMS SEAHAWK, HMS HERON, RM Poole, 42 Cdo Gp RM, CTCRM Lympstone, Peninsula Medical School.

Further details on the initiative and the process for booking a referee are being distributed to units by the RDO and CRCs.

This initiative will maintain the service provided to Royal Navy Rugby, ensuring the right officials are appointed to the right games throughout the season.