Royal Marines remain dominant


Royal Marines


RN East

The victorious Royal Marine team
RNRU Senior XV player Rich Cadywould added to the RM points tally
The RN East scrum was powerful
RNRU Under 23 stalwart and RM Musician Nick Burgess pulled on the Royal Marine jersey
Royal Marine Jarrard Hayler was named man of the match
The Inverdale Challenge Runners Up - RN East
Royal Marine team captain receives the trophy from Jendy Weeks

The final of the 2018/19 Inverdale Challenge competition saw the Royal Marines travelling from the South West to take on the Royal Navy Eastern Region team at Burnaby Road.  Although on paper the Royal Marines were by far the stronger side, the team from the East made them work hard for their victory.  

The final score was Royal Marines 39 - 10 RN East but the score line did not reflect the quality of the game.  In particular the RN East pack were very capable. This means the Royal Marines have won the Inverdale Challenge competition 10 times in its 23 year history.  Full match report to follow.

Teams list:

Royal Marines
1. LCPL A Wilman 2. LCpl J Myburgh 3. Mne C Robinson 4. Capt R Morris 5. Cpl M Warwick 6. Mne J Hayler 7. Mne L Cooper 8. Cpl C Pulman 9. Cpl K Bridgen 10. LCpl R Cadywould 11. LCpl T Gobey 12. Mne R Cooper 13. Cpl J Blckburn 14. Mne M Bennett 15. Mne C Duncan 16. Sgt S Stevens 17. Sgt P Mason 18. Mne J Staniforth 19. Mne B Clark 20. Musn N Burgess 21. Mne N Huntley 22. Mne R Lines Team Manger CSgt M Bassett, Head Coach Capt O Mason RM, Asst Coaches Cpl D Fairbrother and Mne Huntley

RN East
1. ET R Ives 2. LET L Williams 3. SLt J Terry 4. LET T Veale 5. SLt R Boulton 6. Lt C Fraser 7. POET B Roden 8. AB J Kirwan 9. LS J Sprangle 10. AB T Hall 11. AB A Gallagher 12. LS B Jeacock 13. LET C Jones 14. POET C Paterson 15. LPT L Warrington 16. SLt S Bentley 17. SLt T Hughes 18. Lt E Gaught 19. Lt J McLaughlan 20. LET G Elsam 21. AB C Shires 22. ET F Sadole Team Manager LPT D Fentum

Images: Royal Navy Rugby Union © John Walton and Keith Woodland