RN West and Royal Marines choose friendly over Inverdale Cup


Inverdale Challenge Round 5


Royal Marines v RN West

Community Rugby values are shining through despite tough times as the Royal Marines and RN West have decided to play a friendly in lieu of their Round 5 of the Inverdale Challenge Cup.

RN West have conceded the match to the Royal Marines as a myriad of circumstances has decimated both sides. RN West were stripped of most of their first choice players and they felt that they would not be able to give the Royal Marines a competitive match. The Devonport centric side are contending with deployments to key units and players working from home in far flung corners of the UK. On the other hand the Royal Marine side that obliterated the Fleet Air Arm before Christmas is contending with the fact that a majority of their players have been called upon to augment Operation Rescript in support of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and Ambulance Driver shortage, whilst others have been deployed to Norway. 

Despite the fact that RN West have conceded to the Royal Marines a match of sorts will take place tonight at Keyham Sports Ground. Both RN West and the Royal Marines will contribute players to create two teams which will allow the coaching staff to observe new talent and to hopefully develop players that are on the fringes of both teams.