Post Refit Portland take on the Base


HMNB Drake


HMS Portland

With HMS Portland having recently completed a huge refit and OST package the Ship's rugby team finally reformed and took to the Drake Wardroom pitch for their second match in years against HMNB Devonport.

But HMS Portland weren't the only ones with minimal recent rugby, the pandemic has meant very little community rugby has been played over the last two years however HMNB Devonport did take part in the Navy Cup this year and their side made up the bulk of the Western Region in the Inverdale Challenge Trophy.

Both Sides showed an abundance of skill and technique throughout the 80 minutes, with HMNB Devonport  dominating from the start. With more playing time HMNB were certainly the better drilled side and the scoreline reflected that with the match concluding at 50 – 7. Despite the seemingly one way traffic HMS Portland were rewarded with playing right to the the final whistle as they crashed over for their only converted try,