HMS Monmouth v HMS Sutherland


HMS Monmouth


HMS Sutherland

Monmouth Kicked Off against a determined Sutherland side who utilised their big runners to gain territory early on in the match. Monmouth’s defence held on and remained patient and continued to absorb the continued attacks from Sutherland.

After 10 mins Monmouth’s patience paid off and following a strong scrum and some quick ball, LLogs Sam Romang exploited a gap from fly half with a fantastic run resulting in a try, converted by SLT Wheatley.

Sutherland continued to use their brute force to eventually overwhelme a dedicated defence to score and equalise.

The second quarter was to and fro with handling errors from both teams. Hard tackles were made by PO Speedy Carr and the Centres who were working well to take down a sizable opposition. Pace played trumps as ET Leslie used his outstanding speed to leave the opposition dumfounded to score an outstanding individual try, which was converted.

Sutherland followed up with a try of their own from their No 10, again utilising there strong runners.  The conversion was missed which meant Monmouth were up 14-10 at half time.

After a close first half it was clear that the game was going to go right to the wire.  Strong running from the backs led to a a penalty scored by SLT Wheatly, as Monmouth continued to keep the score board ticking over. This was short lived after Sutherlands No 10 scored an individual try to keep the score line close.

Showing outstanding speed, ET Leslie scored an excellent converted try for Monmouth, which meant the last 15 mins appeared to be looking good for the Black Duke. Injuries crept in and as Sutherland maintained a strong scrum they were able to score under the posts to be followed up with a conversion. 8 mins remained as Sutherland scored another try to complete the game with a 24-29 loss to Monmouth,

An entertaining fixture that could have gone either way.

Team List
1. Carr
2. Pugh
3. Gorf
4.  Warner
5. Macarthy
6. Andrews
7. Hobbs
8. Griffiths
9. Wheatley
10. Romang
11. Rokobaui
12. Amery
13. Elliott
14. Leslie
15. Owen-Hughs