Busy Bee deliver a Sting to the RN Women on Tour


RN Senior Women


Busy Bee RFC

The Royal Navy Women have lost the second of their tour matches against Busy Bee RFC in Langa, Cape Town.

The home team won the match 27-19 in the shadow of Table Mountain.

The second fixture of the tour against the Busy Bee was a competitive game from the outset and it was evident that it was going to be a spectacular fixture to watch! Both teams tackled hard and defended strong but the Busy Bee’s where able to break through the Navy’s defence fairly early to put the first few points on the board with two unconverted tries in quick concession within the first 15mins.

Not letting this phase the RN a sprint up the wing from Tegan Morley saw a Navy try successfully converted by Chloe Sopp bring the visitors to within 3 points, but they were unable to hold another push from the home team which meant a third try in the first half for the Bee's to bring the score at half time to 15-7.

The Navy, as they often do, came out fighting with Abi Ashby chasing a kick from Cheryl Goodwin to score the first try of the second half which went unconverted but again bringing the points within 3 points 15-12. The Busy Bee's then followed up with two further tries, the second of which was converted bringing the score to 27-12. In true RNRU Women tradition their heads never went down with the 8th try of the game scored by Sian McLaughlin and successfully converted by Chloe Sopp bringing the score to 27-19. Which despite the Navy’s best effort remained the score as the final whistle was blown.

Melanie Cummins said “the opposition were a strong and powerful but our tackles were low and hard which they needed to be to deal with their strength and pace, we had to be really quick and solid in the breakdown to retain possession, but our line outs worked well! Starting in my first 15’s game was an amazing opportunity and huge priveledge to play the whole match, I can’t wait for the next fixture!”

Line Up

1. SLt Rebecca Addis
2. LPT Susan Badger
3. AET Lucy Honeybell
4. AET Mel Cummins
5. PO Sam Alderson
6. Lt Olivia Critchley-Peddle
7. ET Elona Bythell
8. LAET Abi Sondack
9. SLt Sophie Tulloch
10. Lt Cheryl Goodwin
11. Lt Tegan Morley
12. Surg Lt Cdr Emma Maxwell
13. LH Rose Dixon
14. Lt Abi Ashby
15. AET Chloe Sopp

16. LPT Becky Bowskill
17. ET Sian McLaughlin
18. SC Grace Penn
19. Wtr Daisy Lumsden
20. AB Ellie Bishop