Bulwark RFC v Muscat RFC


HMS Bulwark RFC


Muscat RFC

Bulwark arrived later than expected at the venue, courtesy of a coach driver who did not know how to get to the ground and so decided to take the team on a sightseeing tour of Muscat whilst attempting to ascertain how to get to the ground. The team even dropped in on an unsuspecting ex-pats home where the driver seemed to think the ground was in his back garden!! With both teams on the park warming up, the local workmen delayed kick off even further by slicing through the power cable for the floodlights.

The game was to be played in 4 - 20 minute quarters. Bulwark eventually kicked off, on a Soccer pitch with no posts and lines marked with cones, with two sides eager to play and looking forward to a good enjoyable game of rugby. The first 5 mins saw Bulwark enjoying an initial period of sustained attack, but they couldn’t break Muscat’s defence. Muscat then enjoyed a period of attack, but with some good strong defending by Bulwark failed initially to penetrate Bulwarks line. At the 10 minute mark and after some sustained pressure from Muscat down Bulwark’s right flank, Bulwarks defence eventually cracked and Muscat crossed the line for the first score of the night. No posts so no kicking. 5 – 0 to Muscat. After 12 minutes, Bulwark won their own line-out on half way and after some good interchange play with Scrum Half ET (ME) Jay Samuels, ET (WE) Sav’s Savage swept through Muscat’s defence to score on the 12 minute mark. 5 – 5. With more sustained pressure, again on Bulwark’s right flank, Muscat gained a scrum and drove over from 10 metres out. The quarter ends 10 – 5 in Muscat’s favour.

The 2nd quarter started where the 1st quarter ended, with some good attack and defence by both teams in a free flowing game. After 30 minutes, with Muscat defending their own line, they kicked the ball down field to half way. Bulwark picked up the ball and with more good interchange play and some nifty hand work, Jay Samuels crossed Muscat line to level the score 10 – 10. On 35 minutes Bulwark knock-on in their own 22. Muscat won their own scrum and after 2 missed tackles went over to score. 15 -10. Muscat would have added another score just before half time but for a fantastic tackle, 5 metres out and into touch. Half time score Muscat 15 – Bulwark 10.

Muscat kicked off for the second half and after 5 minutes kicked ball into Bulwark’s 22. SC Flash Fasuba in only his second game picked up ball and set off down the wing. Running past players like they weren’t even there, he side stepped Muscat’s last defender and accelerated away from Muscat’s winger. 15 – 15. With both team tiring from the heat, the rest of the quarter became a bit scrappy with neither side holding ball for long and generally kicking ball away. Just before end of the 3rd quarter Bulwark’s kick and chase down the right wing saw Bulwark win the ball and ET (WE) Sav’s Savage again crossed the line. 15 – 20 to Bulwark.

The 4th quarter started with passion from both teams, playing and defending as if their lives depended on the outcome. After more stout defending by Bulwark, Muscat crossed the line after 70 minutes, but the ball was held up for a 5 metre scrum. and with Bulwark missing players through other duties, and Muscat having with superior numbers on the side line to interchange, their fresh legs began to make a difference. As a result, a scrum was driven over Bulwarks line. 20 – 20. The final 10 minutes was hectic with neither team wanting to crack until finally, Muscat won a scrum against the head and crossed Bulwark’s line to score with the last act of the Match – 25 – 20 Muscat

S/Lt Petty (Rep: Cpl Ford), MNE Goodall (Rep: CPOMEM (M) Walmsley), Lt Major (Rep: Lt Cdr Renolds), ET (ME) Ball, Cpl Langley, Capt Atkinson RM (Rep: MNE King), MNE Young, LET (ME) Matthews, ET (ME) Samuel, AB (WS) Ryan (Rep: ET (WE) Davis), ET (WE) Savage, MNE Brooker, ET (WE) Myers (Rep: STD Mucunabitu), MNE Shaw (Rep: SC Fasuba), AB (WS) Cobbett

Rep: CPOMEM (M) Walmsley, Lt Cdr Renolds, MNE King, ET(WE) Davis STD Mucunabitu & SC Fasuba