Ten Royal Navy Players in squad for UKAF U23s

The UKAF U23s in training in Aldershot
Line up for the Match
Rugby 4 Heros Match. Copyright: UKAF rugby / Alligin Ltd
Rugby 4 Heros Match. Copyright: UKAF rugby / Alligin Ltd
Rugby 4 Heros Match. Copyright: UKAF rugby / Alligin Ltd

Following hot on the heels of the single service senior sides the UK Armed Forces Rugby Men's Under 23s make their season debut this weekend in West London against Ealing Trailfinders Academy and the Royal Navy makes up over a third of the squad.

With their Inter Service Championship concluding in December the Under 23 season has moved onto the single services coming together to form the UK Armed Forces (UKAF) side for their first match since May 2019. Despite a campaign where they were edged by both the Army and the RAF, The Royal Navy makes up a significant proportion of the squad. 

The players joined the camp at Aldershot, the home of Army rugby, on Wednesday and immediately got stuck in. Following the Royal Navy seniors match against Taunton on Wednesday night four more Royal Navy players joined the squad and despite joining later than everyone else, and missing out on some team building the evening before, they fitted straight in to the setup.

Head Coach, Petty Officer Nathan ‘Pony’ Moore said ‘It has been really good to bring these single service players together, the atmosphere in camp has been fantastic. As the coach I have the easy job, it is now up to these lads to work together as a team and gel - and I’m really pleased to see they have’.

The match kicks off at 1045 at Trailfinders Sports Ground. Entry is free to all. 
Line Up
1. SAC(T) Irwin (RAF)
2. Spr Yousif-Romero (Army)
3. LCpl Bamber (Army)
4. Spr Upton (Army)
5. AB MacAdams (Navy)
6. Cfn Corner (Army)
7. Spr Cooper-Meadows (Army) 
8. OC Mills (Navy)
9. SAC Bedford (RAF)
10. LCpl Fitzgerald (Army)
11. AB Raivalitia (Navy)
12. Cpl Lamont (RAF)
13. Rfn Tamanivalu (Army)
14. MNE Teear-Bourge (Navy)
15. SAC(T) Turner (RAF)
16. AET Johnston (Navy)
17. SAC(T) Jones (RAF)
18. SAC Morris (RAF)
19. MUSN Prentice (Navy)
20. AET Ray (Navy)
21. AB Raynor (Navy)
22. AET Rees (Navy)
23. AB Scott (Navy)
24. Spr Stone (Army)
25. Cpl Taylor (RAF)
26. Pte Wolfenden (Army)