Royal Navy Teams to Face RAF Named

With the RAF in sights for the Royal Navy Rugby Union the first Senior Men's, Women's and Mariners Inter Service sides of the 2020's have been announced.

It was already known that Lt Jarrard Hayler RM, LH Rose Dixon and LAET Paul Saberton would lead their sides on Saturday 9th April and now their teams have been released by their respective Head Coaches.

There will be one new face in the Men's side as Surgeon Lieutenant Henry Hughes will be the 761st player to be capped by the Royal Navy. He is no stranger to plaing at Twickenham however, he will line up on the same wing where he won five Blues for Oxford University, however the significantly larger crowd and louder atmosphere will be a first for the Portsmouth native.

NA Jessica Bryan who has been a destructive ball carrier this season will win her first after missing the match against Marine Nationale. Likewise the Maritime will be represented by Midshipman Rosie Staples who also wins her first cap.

The Mariners are made up of a blend of experienced of players and those new to Inter Service rugby as the pandemic has seen a significant turnover of players. There will be Two 'Senior Silver Ties' starting the match and one on the bench as Lt Dane Smallbone, POAET John Lamsin and CPOAET Chris 'Sumo' Thompson provide the knowledge of Inter Service games played at Senior Men's level.

Men Women Mariners
1 LAET Beasley (HMS Sultan) 1 Mid Staples (HMS King Alfred) 1 POET John (RNAS Culdrose)
2 LPT Priddey (RNAS Culdrose) 2 SLt Addis (HMS Westminster) 2 POET Bingham (HMS Dauntless)
3 LA Watson (1700 NAS) 3 AET Honeybell (HMS Queen Elizabeth) 3 PO Kewn (MCSU)
4 Cpl Pascoe (RM Band, CTCRM) 4 PO McIntyre (FOST) 4 PO Heffernan (HMS Forward)
5 MNE Papp (CLR) 5 LAET Sondack (NCHQ) 5 POAET Lamsin (RNAS Culdrose)
6 Lt Spence RN (MOD Abbey Wood) 6 ET Bythell (HMS Prince of Wales) 6 SLt Bodel (HMS Sultan)
7 Lt Hayler RM (CTCRM) (C) 7 MA Musgrave (PSG Portsmouth) 7 CPOAET James (RNAS Yeovilton)
8 Logs Matavesi (RNAS Culdrose) 8 NA Bryan (RNAS Yeovilton) 8 CSgt Valemei (45 Cdo)
9 AB Rees (Swansea AFCO) 9 SLt Perry (HMS Seahawk) 9 CPOAET Cox (846 NAS)
10 AET Gott (846 NAS) 10 PO Alderson (HMS Raleigh) 10 Lt Smallbone (MOD Abbey Wood)
11 POAET Chambers (846 NAS) 11 ET McLaughlin (HMS Prince of Wales) 11 Cpl Tabanivesi (45 Cdo)
12 MNE Raumakita (42 Cdo) 12 LPT Badger (HMS Sultan) 12 Cpl Parsons (MAB 6)
13 AB Lowe (HMNB Devonport) 13 LH Dixon (Imjin Barracks) (C) 13 Sgt Vallender (DHU)
14 Surg Lt Hughes RN (INM, Alverstoke) 14 Lt Ashby RN (846 NAS) 14 AB Fraser (HMS Queen Elizabeth)
15 MNE Duncan (30 Cdo) 15 Lt Goodwin RN (MCM2) 15 LAET Saberton (RNAS Culdrose) (C)
16 LET Ives (HMS Sultan) 16 PO Park (PSG Plymouth) 16 LA Ellor (HMS Queen Elizabeth)
17 LAET Warner (824 NAS) 17 AB Addison-Prout (HMS Sultan) 17 POAET Erne (HMS Sutan)
18 LS Kirwan (MIXG) 18 Lt Cdr Ives (MOD Abbey Wood) 18 CPOAET Thompson (
19 MNE Mitchell (40 Cdo) 19 LA Mealy (HMS Queen Elizabeth) 19 Lt Scovell (DMS Whittington)
20 AB Hughan (TDG) 20 Lt Smale RN (HMS Smiter) 20 POET Junior (HMS Queen Elizabeth)
21 LAET Carter (RNAS Culdrose) 21 Lt Critchley-Peddle RN (Wildcat DT) 21 PO Parsell (MA6 Portsmouth)
22 AET Rutter (RNAS Culdrose) 22 Surg Lt Cdr Maxwell (INM Alverstoke) 22 LAET Campbell (814 NAS)
23 AET Rudder (1710 NAS) 23 CPO Staite (RCDM Birmingham) 23 AB Sadole (HMS Queen Elizabeth)